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Labor Leaders Across the Industry Chime In On Tentative Agreement

November 6, 2014

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APFA received the following letters from labor leaders, all of whom are working hard to improve the standards for Flight Attendants in the industry, including AFA Int’l President Sara Nelson, IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja (who is working to organize the Delta Flight Attendants), AFA United MEC President Ken Diaz, and AFA Continental MEC President Marcus Valentino.

APFA thanks these leaders for their support and looks forward to continuing to work together to advance the Flight Attendant profession.

Sara Nelson, AFA International President
Sito Pantoja, General Vice-President, IAM, Transportation Division
Marcus Valentino, MEC President, AFA Continental Airlines
Ken Diaz, MEC President, AFA United Airlines

From: Sara Nelson, AFA International President

Dear American Flying Partners:
Only a few days remain in your historic vote for a joint collective bargaining agreement at the New American.  Your vote will determine the value of your contract and it will set a new standard for the industry.  We encourage you to vote FOR the Tentative Agreement to lock in pay increases, industry-leading work rules and flexibility for Flight Attendants.

Negotiations are all about timing and leverage. Our two Flight Attendant unions came together to negotiate a new Negotiations Protocol for a joint contract. While a backstop of arbitration was a condition of the merger, together we were able to use both contracts, increase the time at the negotiating table and create a dynamic for leverage to achieve a better economic package than the standards set for arbitration. American and US Airways Flight Attendants generated leverage through unity. <click here to continue reading>

From: Sito Pantoja, General Vice President, Transportation, IAM

Dear American Airlines Flight Attendants:
I want to congratulate APFA on reaching a Tentative Agreement that will benefit not only the flight attendants of the new American Airlines but all flight attendants in the industry. Once again union representation and collective bargaining have proven their worth. This T/A delivers substantial wage increases, strong and enforceable work rules, and overall an industry- leading contract for 24,500 Flight Attendants. Hats off to APFA for doing what unions do best – protecting and improving the working lives of their members.

From: Marcus Valentino, MEC President, AFA Continental Airlines

Dear American Flight Attendants,
The s-Continental Flight Attendants and the leadership of the Continental Master Executive Council of AFA would like to congratulate you on the successful negotiation of an important Tentative Agreement. An agreement that embodies the desires of your respective groups. We understand all too well how difficult and unsettling a merger can be.  We are encouraged by your accomplishment and the record-setting pace in which your task was completed.

As you know, there is always a time-value to money, the sooner you can capture a dollar, the more value you have over time.  We are excited for you and your opportunity to capture the value of a new industry leading contract, move your merger to its conclusion, and start the clock toward your next improvements in four short years.  Contracts are building blocks, methodically constructed piece by piece over time. We also recognize the fact that contracts don’t always represent every member’s desire. Conversely, contracts represent the fruits, both bitter and sweet, of the positive relationship between labor and management.  Without a constructive and collaborative relationship between the parties, something less than the best results – the fruits do not ripen or worse, they die on the vine. <click here to continue reading>

From: Ken Diaz, MEC President, AFA United Airlines

Dear American Flight Attendants:
At United we are watching eagerly as you consider the Tentative Agreement for ratification. With only three major airlines remaining in U.S. aviation, our contracts will set the standard. We have always felt a kindred spirit with our flying partners at American. We have a common experience in the industry, including the very personal loss we experienced on September 11, 2001 and what transpired in our industry following that fateful day.
The industry attempted to reset standards for Flight Attendants and other workers. That time is over and now it’s up to us to rebuild. Unlike Delta where management calls the shots without a union for Flight Attendants, we can do something about our experience at work as well as our pay and benefits. At United, we were able to achieve a contract with 10% wage increases, other economic improvements and flexibility for Flight Attendants in 2012, but this was only the start to climbing out of the bankruptcy era. <click here to continue reading>


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