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11.14.14c – (LAA/LUS) JCBA Update, BOD Meeting, Int’l Training, Reducing Home Based Rest

APFA Hotline

APFA Hotline – Friday, November 14, 2014

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JCBA Update –

As stated in Tuesday’s hotline, APFA and the company will be meeting next week to discuss the next steps in the arbitration process. The parties have reached out to the NMB for assistance in this mediation step of the process. The meeting has been set for Monday, November 17th in Washington, D.C.

Stay tuned to this Hotline for further updates.

APFA Board Meeting

APFA President Laura Glading has called a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors next Wednesday, November 19th at the Hilton DFW Lakes. All members are welcome to attend open portions of the meeting. However, we anticipate that the majority of this meeting will be closed to discuss and prepare for the interest arbitration and related matters, as is done with other strategic discussions.

International Training –

Preparations continue to fully combine the Domestic and International operations in 2015. It is anticipated that the operations will be combined effective with the contractual month of May 2015.

Training for Domestic Flight Attendants who do not yet have the overwater qualification will begin in January 2015 and be completed by the end of the year. This includes those Flight Attendants in bases that do not have an adjacent International base. Details of the training are being finalized and we expect to be able to communicate more information next week.

We can tell you that training will consist of a three-day classroom training for the overwater/ditching qualification. Flight Attendants will have the option, but will not be required, to stay a fourth day to complete IFS training, which is necessary to fly Europe and Deep South America. There will also be some online training required prior to the classroom portion of training.
Flight Attendants will bid for their class date in advance of the bid run and will know their class date for purposes of bidding.
Again, we expect that full details will be available later next week.

Reducing Home-Based Rest

Waiving home-based rest to a reduced twenty four (24) hours for long-range and extended-long range flying does not waive the full required rest in the bid run. Per Appendix I, Article 9.V, a Flight Attendant will be denied a trip selection for any trip selection whose first trip sequence is defined as long-range flying or extended-long-range flying if awarding such trip selection results in a schedule conflict.

Don’t be taken by surprise by a bid denial. Make sure that any long-range or extended-long range trip at the end of this month has the full contractual rest of 36 or 48 hours prior to the first trip of the following month during the bid run.

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