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11.21.14 – (LAA/LUS) FML Changes, Overwater Training, LAA Retiree Medical and ERRP Checks

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APFA Hotline – November 21, 2014

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Family Medical Leave Changes –
The company has announced system-wide Family Medical Leave policy changes effective January 1, 2015. APFA is in the process of evaluating these changes and their effect on APFA members. Please stay tuned to this hotline for updates.
Overwater Qualification Training –
Overwater Qualification Training for the remaining 2,900 Domestic Flight Attendants without the qualification will begin in January and continue throughout 2015. The ballot for those desiring to proffer for January will open on Monday, November 24th and close on Monday, December 1st at 1400 CT. The ballot will also allow Flight Attendants to bid for class dates based on seniority. Full details of the training can be found on APFA’s Contract Department page by clicking here.
LAA Retirees with AA Retiree Medical and the ERRP Checks –
LAA Retirees (including the pre-bankruptcy, 1114 Group) who are enrolled in the American Airlines Retiree Medical began receiving checks from AA this week. These checks have generated some concern that perhaps the 1114 Retiree Medical Insurance is ending or that by cashing these checks, a retiree’s coverage is somehow waived. Neither of these scenarios is true. 
Why? Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) there is a provision for those who pay for retiree insurance to receive a subsidy to help cover the costs of that insurance (called the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program, ERRP). Since American is providing Early Retiree Insurance to the AA Retirees, they were eligible for some of this subsidy.
Because these funds are to be used for very limited purposes, and because the deadline to spend the money is at the end of the year, American is sending the surplus money to the retirees enrolled in that insurance. The size of these checks is dependent upon the number of people insured in your plan, and the money is not taxable income because it is a subsidy under ERRP.
If you have additional questions, you can contact American HR at 800-447-2000, or the APFA Retirement Department at 817-540-0108, ext. 8490.
ATTN: IDF Flight Attendants –,
The IDF Base President and Vice President were notified this week that all Europe, Asia and deep South departures will be ramped by Flight Service Managers. Their duties are to assist with catering and to ensure Flight attendants have all other items necessary for a successful flight. If you have any questions, please contact your Base Reps.

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