Representing the Flight Attendants
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Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

12.10.14b – (LAA/LUS) WTS For Base Elections

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December 10, 2014

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APFA’s National Ballot Committee (NBC) is conducting elections for the positions of Base President, Vice President, and Operation Council Representatives/Base Council Representative (OCR/BCR) at all LAA and LUS Bases.

LAA Bases
The terms for the newly-elected representatives at DCA-AA, RDU-I, SFO and STL will be from April 1, 2015-March 31, 2017. The terms for the newly-elected representatives at BOS, BOS-I, DFW, IDF, JFK, LAX, LAX-I, LGA, MIA, IMA, ORD and IOR will begin on April 1, 2015, but will end when the company combines Domestic and International Operations at the adjacent bases. A separate election will be conducted for the combined bases.

LUS Bases
Elections are being held simultaneously for Interim base representatives for the remainder of the term ending on March 31, 2015, and for the regular term from April 1, 2015-March 31, 2017. The Interim positions must be filled so that the LUS bases will have officers elected by their APFA bases who can vote to elect an Ad Hoc Member of the APFA Executive Committee at the Annual Convention that will be held in March. (Base Presidents/Vice Presidents also must be elected in order to vote on any removal of an Ad Hoc Member.)

On November 10, 2014, the NBC notified the membership that it was accepting Willingness-to-Serves (self-nomination or nomination by another member) for all of these positions. On December 10, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. CT, the National Ballot Committee retrieved from the post office the Willingness-to-Serves submitted for all base positions. If only one candidate submitted a Willingness-to-Serve for a Base President or Base Vice President position, the candidate is deemed duly elected to the position. If the number of Willingness-to-Serves for OCR/BCR positions at a base is lower than the number of OCRs/BCRs to which the base is entitled all of the candidates are deemed duly elected. The following is the list of the candidates for positions at each base:

Bases with an “*” indicate there will be an election. If there is no asterisk, the candidates are duly elected.

PRES Amy Milenkovic
PRES Eugenio Vargas
VP Michael Medeiros
*PRES Catherine Bossi
  Cathy Campbell
  Joyce Harty
  Katy O’Donoghue
*VP Nicole Darak
  Beth Story
OCR Laura Arnold
  Charles Cannaday
  Nicole Darak
  Joyce Harty
  Joseph Kammerer
  John Pennel
  Wanda Sarnacki
  Beth Story
  Michael Tipton
  David West
PRES Robert Valenta
VP Tim Weston
OCR Juan Carlos Ayub
*PRES Dianne Britton
  Audra West
VP Christine Kolackovsky
OCR Walter Davis
  Claudia Frye
  Julie Orlandi
PRES Chris O’Kelley
VP Mark Arceneaux
OCR William Bulham
  Todd Hatcher
  Laura Hansen
  Vicki Moore
  Karen L. Sanchez
  Michael Truan
*PRES Ted Bedwell
  Thomas Kenison
  Samuel Morales
VP Maureen Walsh-Martin
OCR Jennifer Brissette
  Steve Chen
  Marcy Dunaway
  Patrick Hancock
  Ronald Harris
  Gregory Henry
  Heidi Horan
  Daniel Koukes
  Samuel Morales
  Alvaro Munoz
  Izumi Okada-Isherwood
  Heather Olenjack
  Bellia Peckson
  A. Marie Plevritis
  Catherine Sharp
*PRES Trice Johnson
  Randy Trautman
VP Todd McJunkin
OCR Nancy Rifkin-Hummel
  Cristina Jones
  Heidi Morgan Kidwell
  Elaine McCoy
  Francesco G. Marchetti
  Nancy J. Roberts
  Joseph Stanko
  Shane Staples
PRES Susan Wroble
VP Brian Pinkowski
OCR Ray Baylis
  Liz Mallon
*PRES Ellen J. Eherts
  Raymond Lewis
  Dane Townsend-Pepper
VP Kelly J. Hagan
OCR Megan Blanchard
  Ellen J. Eherts
  Ben-Lee Feliciano
  Carol Ann Glenn
  Janna Lehtola
  Brent Peterson
  Christian Santana
  Cindi Simpson
  Joe Trudell
  Dane Townsend-Pepper
  Laurent Vissichelli
  Jessica Washington
PRES John C. Nikides
VP Kristen T. McCullor
OCR Jon Alman
  Lisa Bales
  Skeeter Betty
  Karen Cratty
  Del Green
  LeeAnn Hansen
  Jason Harris
  Jon McClosky
  Arthur Oganesyan
  Lynn Smith
  Marie Valenzuela
PRES David Ransom
VP Heidi Sakacs
*PRES Christian Casadey
  Anna Johnson
*VP Kimberly Cannon
  Robert Norvell
OCR Myra Buck
  Leslie Dupilka
  Barbara Thrower
PRES Timothy Legeros
  Julie Moyer
VP Melinda Hill
PRES Todd Breckenridge
VP Todd Cesa
OCR Kim Boyett
*PRES Melissa Chinery
  Kim Kaswinkel
*VP Christine Jurmann
  Brian K. Morgan
OCR Gabe Bierbach
  Deborah McCormick
  Jim Martin
  Tracey Montanari
  Leslie Roecklein
  Dan Sampey
  Tracy Sear
*PRES Deborah Breazeale
  Joseph D. Seelye
*VP Mischel Babi
  Brian Clark
OCR Michael Addeo
  George Anderson
  Mischel Babi
  Robert Fritz
  Gene Labat
  Christopher Martinez
  Carol Santa
  Daniel Smotherman
  Joe Wieslander
PRES Fiona MacPherson
VP Kimberly Smedley
PRES David Adair
VP Russell Reed
OCR Anthony Cataldo
  Dana Davis
  Jaimie McNeice
  Leslie Pierce
PRES Nena Martin
VP Matthew Foust
OCR Jacob Fuller

Ballots will be mailed on December 30, 2014. All votes must be cast by 10:00 CT on January 29, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact the National Ballot Committee at or 817-540-0108 x8311.

Cindy Horan
APFA National Ballot Committee Chair



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