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12.16.14 – (LAA/LUS) Implementation Schedule/JCBA Uploaded, Q&As

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December 16, 2014

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APFA has uploaded the updated Implementation Letter along with the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement language. Below are some Q&As that address a few of the most frequently asked questions from Flight Attendants. Neither the Implementation Letter nor the JCBA takes into account the recent announcement regarding CEO Doug Parker’s offer to increase the wage rates of the December 13, 2014, JCBA (the arbitration award) to those that were in the T/A. The pay rates of the 12/13/14 JCBA will go into effect for the combined Flight Attendant corps beginning January 1, 2015.
Q: When are the changes to PVDs being implemented?
A: LAA Flight Attendants will begin accruing vacation at a higher level in May 2015 which means top-of-scale LAA Flight Attendants will accrue 33 days of vacation in 2015 as opposed to 28 in the current LAA contract. Beginning on January 1, 2015, up until PBS implementation, PVDs (to a max of six (6) days per calendar year) may be utilized by LAA Flight Attendants at the daily rate of 3:30.
Q: When is the 40-hour scheduling minimum being implemented?
A: LAA Flight Attendants will continue to have the ability to drop trips consistent with the current contract, until the implementation of PBS. However, the 420-hour threshold will continue to apply for sick and vacation accrual. The LAA 420-hour benefit threshold will be eliminated effective January 1, 2015.
Q: When will Holiday Pay be implemented?
A: Flight Attendants will receive Holiday Pay for New Years Day. The payment will be paid as soon as possible but it may take longer than the mid-January paycheck.  
Q: When are the premium increases effective?
A: Purser, Lead, AFT and Galley pay will go into effect with the May bid month.  
Q: When will the per diem increase to $2.10 Domestic and $2.40 International?
A: January 1, 2015 
Q: When is the $3,000 transition payment being issued to LUS Flight Attendants?
A: LUS flight attendants will receive the transition payment within 45 days of the effective date of the JCBA. To receive the payment, a Flight Attendant must be in active status (i.e. in regular active pay status with American Airlines or on a FMLA, Military, Maternity, Adoption, or Paternity leave and not on any other unpaid leave of absence) on 1/15/15. A Flight Attendant taking a bid leave (VLOA) for the month of January is considered to be in active status and will be eligible to receive the transition payment.

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