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12.16.14b – (LAA/LUS) Deadhead to Training Presidential, Art 30 Deadline, NBC PHX Base President Update, KCM Rule Change

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December 16, 2014

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Deadheading Presidential Grievance –
APFA has converted a base grievance filed by the APFA LAX-I Base President into a Presidential Grievance regarding preferential deadheading treatment for pilots on international flights. 
To review, the company and APA agreed last year during MOU discussions to preferential treatment for pilots. The APFA believes this a direct violation of our CBA Article 21.A. – Non Discrimination, which reads: “The Company will not discriminate between transportation and hotel accommodations provided for Flight Attendants and cockpit members.” 
We have asked the company to immediately adhere to our non-discrimination contractual language and cease the practice. We’ve also asked that the company grant each Flight Attendant who has been discriminated against one (1) VO day for each occurrence their boarding priority was violated and they were seated in a lower cabin class as a result.
Please note: If a deadheading Flight Attendant is taken out of FCFS order in order for the agent to accommodate a cockpit crewmember, please email with details including your employee number, HI3, all relevant details and a copy of the standby list.
Article 30 Deadline –
The company has set a new deadline of December 31, 2014, for applying for Article 30. If a Flight Attendant has already put in for Article 30, there is no need to reapply unless the Flight Attendant wishes to extend their departure date by applying again. In that case, s/he will need to notice her/his Flight Service Manager that s/he is requesting revocation of the original application. The Flight Attendant should then submit a new Article 30 application.

If a member is uncertain whether s/he wants to take Article 30, an application can always be submitted, provided the Flight Attendant is aware that, if desired, it must be rescinded within the first three months of the request. After three months, it becomes irrevocable.
Those Flight Attendants applying for Article 30 this month will have a July 1, 2015, departure date.
PHX Base President Election Update –
The National Ballot Committee would like to advise PHX-based Flight Attendants  that Deborah Breazeale has withdrawn from the election for President for both the interim and full terms. This now means that Joseph D. Seelye is Duly Elected as PHX Base President for both the interim and full terms.

There will still be an election in PHX for Vice-President for the full term, April 1, 2015-March 31, 2017.

KCM Rule Change –
APFA received notification today that the TSA will be updating their requirements for Crew Members processing through the KCM Portals.

An excerpt of the notice is as follows: “… in order to expand the use of the Known Crewmember (KCM) program and to expedite the screening process, effective January 13, 2015, TSA will no longer require airline crewmembers to be in uniform when using the KCM checkpoint.  By expediting the screening for crewmembers, additional resources are made available to screen unknown and higher risk travelers.”

Crew Members processing through the KCM portals will not be restricted to the 3-1-1 LAG requirement, even if they are traveling out of uniform.

All Crew Members traveling out of uniform and using the TSA Pre-Check lane or the regular airport security screening checkpoints will still be required to adhere to the TSA 3-1-1 LAG restrictions.

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