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12.19.14 – (LAA/LUS) Implementation For Dec, Jan and Feb, Integrated Seniority, Bid Leaves, Mixed Equipment and Language Speakers, Dental Enrollment, Direct Bill, Makeup Refresher

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December 19, 2014

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Implementation –
Now that we have a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement for all 24,500 Flight Attendants at the new American, there are several aspects of our Agreement that are already in effect or will soon go into effect as of December 13th:
Items implemented on December 13, 2014

  • Red-Flag Pay for LUS – Section 10.H (Similar to Critical Coverage at LAA)
  • 30% 4-Day Pairing Limitation for LAA – Section 11.K.6 (No more than 30 percent of the domestic pairings/sequences in a base may be four-day pairings/sequences
  • Voluntary Duty-Day Waiver for LAA – Section 11.O.1 and Section 14.D.1 (Flight Attendants may choose to exceed the maximum contractual duty day in order to complete the duty and to be compensated per the domestic or international penalty pay as applicable)
  • Location Delay Incentive for LAA – Section 14.M.7 (If a Flight Attendant’s departure is delayed from an International Premium Station (IPD) (Europe, Asia, deep South) for more than 10 hours after scheduled departure, such Flight Attendant shall receive 5 hours of pay and credit, including all premiums in addition to the value of the trip. If the delay is greater than 24 hours, an additional five hours, including all premiums, will apply, and every 24 hours or fraction thereof. This Delay Incentive Pay is in addition to actual flight time and applicable duty rigs.

Items implemented on January 1, 2015:

Items implemented in February 2015

  • ATC Hold/Actual “OUT” Time – Section 3.L. (LUS)
  • Diversion Pay – Section 3.M. (LUS)
  • Commuter Policy – Section 37.L 
  • Inflight Rest – Section 37.R

For more information on the scheduled implementation of our new JCBA, click here.
Integrated Seniority List –
The final Integrated Seniority List is now available on the Seniority Integration page of the APFA website. This list includes administrative corrections in the preliminary list originally posted in August. It also reflects attrition, new hires, adjustments and reinstatements through October 1, 2014. 

January Bid Leave –
If you requested a Bid Leave for January, please check your HI10 for the exact dates of your award since the early part of the month was subject to blackout. 
Mixed Equipment to destinations requiring Foreign Language Speakers –
Recently, the company has been flying different aircraft to the same destination (e.g. 767/777, 757/767 or 2-class/3-class 777-200). When selections or sequences have mixed equipment within a given month in the same market, the speaker complement will default to the aircraft with the fewest required number of speakers. In addition, because cabin positions do not align on the mixed equipment it is not possible to award based by cabin. Therefore, in months with mixed equipment requiring foreign language speakers bids will be awarded without regard to a particular cabin. Galley positions will continue to be restricted and will not satisfy the speaker requirement for that selection. These procedures are addressed in a Letter of Agreement with management and will apply for the January bid run.

Health Department Updates –
Dental Enrollment:  The 2015 enrollment for the third option for dental will be January 22, 2015 through January 30, 2015 with an effective date retro to January 1, 2015.  The plan includes a $1500 benefit (as opposed to the $1000 we currently have) as well as orthodontia for adults and children.  More information regarding the plan and enrollment will be available the first of the year.

2015 Direct Bill Administrator:  Beginning January 2015 there is a new administrator for your benefits payments.  If you are on an unpaid sick LOA/IOD.  You should have received a letter this week with information regarding the change.  If you have not received anything please contact the American Airlines Benefits Service Center at 1-888-860-6178.  

Makeup Refresher –
At 12 Noon, the HISEND Make-Up round is processed.  Flight Attendants who are on the Make-Up (MU) list and have submitted HISEND forms with either specific trip requests or generic specific trip parameters are awarded trips in seniority order. After 1330, MU is run again for any trips that have opened after the MU HISEND round or that remain unassigned. HISEND requests submitted during the HISEND round continue to be valid and can be awarded prior to 1700 without first party contact if the Flight Attendant remains on the MU list.
Flight Attendants interested in being called for Make-Up (MU) after 1330 and who sent a HISEND for the HISEND MU round with specific sequences/requests also need to include “Call for other trips.” If Flight Attendants do not include a request to be called on their HISEND, Crew Schedule will only award a sequence that matches the HISEND request up to 1700 in day before coverage and isn’t obligated to call for other trips that become available during the day. At approximately 0600 the following morning, Crew Schedule will discard the HISEND and will call Flight Attendants on the MU list for same day make-up flying. At any time, If Crew Schedule calls and the Flight Attendant does not answer or return the call, Crew Schedule is not obligated to call again.  Crew Schedule is only obligated to call the phone number under “H” for MU flying.

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