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1.02.15b – (LAA/LUS) Location Delay Incentive, CISD, PAC

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January 2, 2015

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Beginning next week, APFA will publish the regular Hotline each Wednesday. To subscribe to the hotline and receive updates on our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement and other important information for Flight Attendants, click here.
Location Delay Incentive (Section 14.M.7)
Did you experience a situation that may qualify for the Location Delay Incentive (new to LAA/status quo for LUS)? Were you delayed departing more than ten (10) hours? If you are LAA, was it after December 13, 2014 (DOS)? Was it an International Premium Destination (IPD)?

If so, your sequence may qualify for Location Delay Incentive, which is an incentive of 5 hours of pay and credit including all premiums in addition to the value of the trip. Once the delay exceeds 24-hours, 5 more hours of pay and credit including all premiums will apply to the additional 24-hours or any fraction thereof. 

The process has not been automated yet and may require manual intervention to be paid correctly. For December location delays, please submit a claim via HISEND Form #14 to Pay/Comp to ensure you are paid. Please include the flight number, date/time of original departure, city of departure and that you are submitting a Location Delay Incentive Pay claim. The long-term process should be in place some time in January.
Critical Incident Stress Program –
The APFA/AA/LUS Critical Incident Stress Program is expanding to better serve you. Traumatic work events can happen any day at any time.  For this reason we are expanding our availability to assist you when those unfortunate events occur.  Beginning January 1, you can contact us toll free from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day at 1- 800-998-8194 to reach a Flight Attendant who has been trained as a Critical Incident Response Team member and will assist you with your immediate needs in the hours and days after a traumatic event.
For confidential assistance, we can be reached at:
Political Action Committee –
The midterm elections are over and a large freshman class of lawmakers will be heading to Washington.  Several long standing APFA friends retired, others lost their bid for reelection and yet, we did have some successes. The next few months will be important to meet and establish relationships. There is still a great deal to look forward to in the 114th Congress and much work to be done.  We’ve come too far and don’t want to lose ground on our hard fought victories by allowing the new Congress to roll back protections for Flight Attendants and labor like OSHA protections.
Your APFA PAC needs your support!  PAC is short for “political action committee” and is a voluntary contribution that helps APFA support both Democrat and Republican candidates who support issues that are important to Flight Attendants. It’s a separate bank account from your union dues where your voluntary contributions are deposited.
Now, it’s now easier than ever to join our PAC online!  You can also learn more about the APFA PAC and download a payroll deduction form.
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