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1.08.15 – (LAA/LUS) Filler Days, Hotel Room Unsked Delay, Location Delay Incentive (LDI), Contract Hard Copy, Jumpseat Balloting

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January 8, 2015

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Q: What are Filler Days?
A: Filler days (current at LUS) are similar to LAA “PVDs,” but are drawn from a Flight Attendant’s current annual vacation, not from next year’s vacation accrual. Filler days are an allotment of days that a Flight Attendant can elect to bid from their annual vacation. They can be bid a month in advance (awarded by seniority) or the day before (awarded first-come first-served) depending on availability. Filler Days will not be applicable to LAA until the implementation of PBS which is anticipated for early 2017 at the earliest. (Section 8.E)
Q: I’m LAA and now have an unscheduled delay greater than four hours. Do I get a hotel room under the new Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA)?
A: Yes, if you have a scheduled or unscheduled ground delay that exceeds 4 hours you are entitled to a hotel room at your request. This is current contractual language for LUS Flight Attendants and new contractual language for LAA. (Section 6.B.1) 
Q: What is the Location Delay Incentive and how do I know how much time I am owed by the Company?
A: When a Flight Attendant is delayed departing from an International Premium Destination (IPD) station for more than 10 hours from the scheduled departure time, the Flight Attendant shall receive an additional 5 hours of pay and credit in addition to the value of the sequence. Once the delay is longer than 24 hours from the scheduled departure time the Flight Attendant will receive an additional 5 hours as well. In the event that any further delays occur the Flight Attendant will receive an additional 5 hours pay and credit for each 24 hours or fraction thereof. Please remember this is in addition to the value of the sequence. (Section 14.M.7)
Q: Will we be receiving a copy of the JCBA and if so when can we expect that to be done?
A: The Company will provide each active Flight Attendant with a copy of the JCBA including any existing Letters of Agreement within 90 days of the signing of the agreement, which was 12/13/14. (Section 32.A)
Q: Will jumpseats be issued by FCFS, seniority or a hybrid?
A: The jumpseat is a “cultural” issue and will be decided by a vote of the combined membership by July 2015.

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