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January 14, 2015

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A Message from APFA National President Laura Glading
Yesterday the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) delivered nearly 12,000 election request cards to the National Mediation Board. Each card was signed by a courageous Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant who chose unity and solidarity over division and fear. For Flight Attendants, that has meant decades of substandard work rules and now, sub-par wages as well. I relayed our congratulations to our counterparts at the IAM today, and offered APFA’s support. This is an important step in raising the bar for bargaining in our profession. Organizing at Delta will help lift Flight Attendants’ compensation and work rules throughout the industry.                                                                         
I have negotiated many contracts and agreements in my career and, with the exception of the most recent, management has always said: “We’ll pay you Delta’s wages if you give us Delta’s work rules.” For decades, Delta management has hamstrung Flight Attendant contract negotiations throughout the industry. I’m looking forward to the day when that is no longer the case. 
Once verified, the NMB will conduct a representation election. 
In Unity,
Laura Glading

JCBA Contractual Language
JCBA Implementation Schedule
Medical Leave of Absence – Section 25.E.5 and 6 – health@apfa.org            
Effective on Date of Signing (December 13, 2014). Flight Attendants on Unpaid Medical Leave of Absence will have their five (5) year clock reset on the date the unpaid Medical Leave commences. If a Flight Attendant is unable to return to active service s/he shall be deemed to have voluntarily resigned from the company. This will not be automatic. Instead, the company shall, upon request from the Flight Attendant, consider whether an additional leave of absence for a specific duration may be reasonable.
LAA: Formerly, LAA Flight Attendants were separated from the company after five years on unpaid status. 
LUS: Formerly, if hired prior to 2/28/13, Flight Attendants remained on the system seniority list indefinitely. If hired after 2/28/13, the Flight Attendant was subject to a five-year clock while on an unpaid Medical Leave of Absence.
Updated Location Delay Incentive – Section 14.M.7 – scheduling@apfa.org
Did you experience a situation that may qualify for the Location Delay Incentive? (New to LAA/status quo for LUS)
         1. Was it an International Premium Destination (IPD)? 
         2. Were you delayed departing more than ten (10) hours? 
If so, your sequence may qualify for Location Delay Incentive, which is an incentive of 5 hours of pay and credit including all premiums in addition to the value of the trip. Once the delay exceeds 24-hours, 5 more hours of pay and credit including all premiums will apply to the additional 24-hours or any fraction thereof.
(For LAA, the process for pay has been automated and should be reflected on the Flight Attendant’s schedule within seven (7) days. The sequence will include the code “LE” for the rescheduled departures. Pay will be reflected on the HI1 under the qualifying sequence. Please only contact Pay/Comp via HISEND Form #14 if the pay is not reflected after seven (7) days.)
EAP, Professional Standards and Drug and Alcohol Testing – Section 33 – eap@apfa.org
Contractual language recognizes the APFA EAP Program as providing guidance for mental health concerns, drug and alcohol testing protocols, pay for drug and alcohol testing, duty and rest time as well as managing conflict in the workplace through professional standards before company involvement.

CISM Program – Section 34.T – eap@apfa.org
Guidelines for Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program.
Drug and Alcohol Policy – eap@apfa.org
Effective January 1, 2015, LUS Flight Attendants fall under the LAA Drug and Alcohol Policy. This means that any LUS Flight Attendant who has a positive drug or alcohol test will be treated as having a medical issue and will be able to access drug/alcohol treatment and/or education as necessary, and return to their job when fit for duty. 


Additional Dental Option – Enrollment Period: January 22-30, 2015 – health@apfa.org
The following message has been sent to all LAA Flight Attendants by the company: “LAA Flight Attendants now have the option to enroll in a third dental option administered by MetLife. This option pays 100% of preventive care when you see a MetLife preferred provider. For basic or major dental care the plan will pay 80% of the negotiated rate (up to $1,500 per year) after a $50 deductible. The plan also offers a lifetime orthodontia benefit of up to $1,500 per person for both adults and children.  For additional information and to compare all 3 dental options and rates visit http://my.aa.com/en/dental-2015 and select Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants. If you would like to enroll in this option for 2015 you must call the American Airlines Benefits Service Center between January 22, 2015 and January 30, 2015 between 9am and 6pm central standard time. Please note both coverage and deductions will be retroactive to January 1, 2015.”
Known Crewmember (KCM) – safety@apfa.org
As of Tuesday January 13, 2015, crew members are no longer required to be in uniform in order to have access to enter through a KCM portal. Any crew member with a valid Crew ID Badge and government ID (passport/driver’s license) may utilize the KCM portals to gain access to the secured side of US airport terminals. As a reminder, crew members are are subject to random additional security screening. If selected for additional random security screening, crew members must comply or face civil action taken by the TSA.
On Friday January 16, 2015, a new KCM entrance will be opened at DCA. For a list of all KCM locations, visit: www.knowncrewmember.org.
Preliminary 2014 Vacation and Sick Accrual – contract@apfa.org
Preliminary vacation and sick accrual for 2014 is available for Flight Attendant review in your HISK/L display in DECS. Flight Attendants should contact the Flight Attendant Service Center (FASC) no later than 1800 CT on Friday, January 16, 2014, if there is a discrepancy with your 2014 accruals. The final accruals will be posted on January 17, 2014.
In order to be eligible for accrual for a given month you must be active at least 15 days in that month.  Additionally for sick accrual eligibility you must be active and not on sick status for at least 15 days in that month.  Accrual also requires that you be paid at least 420 hours during the calendar year or an average of 35 hours per active month.
APFA Constitution – secretary@apfa.org
The APFA Constitution is available to view or download at www.apfa.org. The Constitution was most recently amended via membership balloting on June 18, 2014. Some changes took effect immediately; others took effect when APFA was certified as the bargaining representative of the combined workgroup in September 2014. The final changes will go into effect when the Domestic and International operations are combined on the LAA side, now slated for May 2015. The Constitution PDF available online contains strikethrough language pertaining to the combined DOM/INTL operation and will be updated once the operations are combined.
Global Entry Reimbursement Program For All Crew Members – safety@apfa.org
APFA is pleased to announce that the cost of applying for Global Entry will soon be reimbursed by American Airlines for all Flight Attendants and pilots. APFA worked jointly with AA, APA, the Department of Homeland Security (DOHS) and US Customs Border Protection (CBP) to ensure all eligible AA crew members have access to this program in 2015. 
Information about reimbursement for the cost of Global Entry submissions can be found on Jetnet.
Pre-Flight Checks – safety@apfa.org
Per FAA regulations, Flight Attendants are required to complete pre-flight checks on board the aircraft before flight departure. The aircraft emergency equipment should be found properly stowed in its designated location and ready for immediate use. As a reminder, Flight Attendants should verify that the mask and tubing is connected on the O2 bottle. Any missing, inoperable or used equipment found should be immediately reported to the Flight Deck to be documented in the aircraft maintenance log book and replaced. Flight Attendants may refer to the aircraft station assignment chart for pre-flight check assignments. Any occurrence where the pre-flight check was not completed before flight departure is recommended to be reported to the Cabin ASAP program. Any questions about aircraft pre-flight checks should be sent to safety@apfa.org.

LAX-HND – legislation@apfa.org
American Airlines has formally applied to the U.S. Department of Transportation for the right to fly to Haneda Airport out of Los Angeles. The slot has been flown by Delta Airlines who operated the route out of Seattle for 16 days, just enough time to avoid triggering the 90-day dormancy provision that would have allowed the DOT to seize the slots. The DOT, in an unusual move, has asked for public comment to determine the public interest in opening up this destination to other carriers. Click here to express your support for AA’s formal application for LAX-HND. Economic models continue to show that the Asia market will continue to grow in passenger traffic. Domestic flying will continue to funnel flights to the west coast to capture this lucrative market.

Legislative Field Reps – legislation@apfa.org
The APFA Government Affairs program will be integrating LUS Flight Attendants to serve on our APFA legislative team. APFA Government Affairs provides lobby training to our field representatives and will be doing so again in 2015. We’ve asked all the Base Presidents to help identify Flight Attendants who would like to participate in our 2015 program. Contact legislation@apfa.org for information and to join.

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