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1.22.15 – (LAA/LUS) Dental Plan, LUS Transition Payment, Base Rep Election, Haneda Route, GUAR vs PPROJ, CISM, Musical Instruments, Hotel Transportation, Global Entry


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(Corrected LAA Indicator for GUAR vs PPROJ Section Below)

January 22, 2015

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Additional Dental Option – Enrollment Period: January 22-30, 2015 –
The following message has been sent to all LAA Flight Attendants by the company: “LAA Flight Attendants now have the option to enroll in a third dental option administered by MetLife. This option pays 100% of preventive care when you see a MetLife preferred provider. For basic or major dental care the plan will pay 80% of the negotiated rate (up to $1,500 per year) after a $50 deductible. The plan also offers a lifetime orthodontia benefit of up to $1,500 per person for both adults and children. For additional information and to compare all 3 dental options and rates visit and select Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants. If you would like to enroll in this option for 2015 you must call the American Airlines Benefits Service Center between January 22, 2015 and January 30, 2015 between 9am and 6pm central standard time. Please note both coverage and deductions will be retroactive to January 1, 2015.
LUS Transition Payment – Eligibility Extended to FAs on Medical Leave 
The LUS Transition Payment of $3,000 will be issued to all eligible LUS Flight Attendants on January 26, 2015.  To be eligible, a Flight Attendant must be in active status (i.e. in regular active pay status, on a medical leave and not exhausted FMLA time, Military, Maternity, Adoption, or Paternity leave and not on any other unpaid leave of absence) on January 15, 2015. APFA is pleased to report that the company has agreed to extend the transition payment to any LUS Flight Attendant that was placed onto a Medical Leave of Absence on or after January 1, 2014 and who remains inactive as of January 15, 2015. 
FYI: A Flight Attendant taking a VLOA for the month of January is considered to be in active status and will be eligible to receive the transition payment. 
Base Representation Election –
As a reminder, balloting is underway for Base Representatives. Votes must be cast by January 29, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time.
To view sample ballots and specific candidate information by base, click here. Keep in mind that not all bases are holding an election. Some base representatives were duly elected by virtue of running unopposed.
If you did not receive a ballot, need an activation code or require any assistance, please contact the NBC at or 817-540-0108 x8311. To view a copy of your base ballot and the candidate information booklet, log onto then click on Departments then National Ballot Committee.
Haneda Route Case Reopened –
In response to the recent requests from American and the APFA, the US Department of Transportation has reopened the valuable US – Haneda route case. Delta had originally been granted the right to the route and made promises to fly direct year-round service from SEA. However, Delta has barely operated it since being granted permission, instead hoarding the route from its competitors. The route is now once again up for grabs and American, Delta, and Hawaiian have expressed interest. APFA has presented its position in a letter to the DOT that more competition on this route means more flying opportunities for Flight Attendants. APFA government affairs will continue to push for the route to be re-allocated to American to be operated from LAX. 
Guarantee vs. PPROJ –
Did you know that you will be paid the greater of Guarantee or PPROJ?
For instance, if you have experienced a MIC and protected your guarantee, but wound up flying less than originally scheduled, your PPROJ will be below the Bid Line Guarantee. That creates two potential issues:
1.    If you trip trade down in time, even one minute, your guarantee will be reduced to equal PPROJ – wiping out the protection.
2.    If you intend to fly more than guarantee, any hours added to the PPROJ won’t result in more pay until PPROJ exceeds guarantee. You could be flying some hours “for free” in order to exceed guarantee.
For more information regarding Line Guarantee Protection, click here
CISM Program – Section 34.T –
As a part of our contractual language for the Critical Incident Stress Management Program, APFA’s EAP Department understands that, whether it is a medical emergency, angry passenger or preparing for an emergency landing, being prepared for the unexpected can take its toll. Your APFA/LAA/LUS Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is available to you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week at 800.998.8194. The team consists of Flight Attendants who have been trained as APFA/LAA/LUS CIRT members and can assist you with your immediate needs in the hours and days following a traumatic event. 
Musical Instruments in the Cabin –
There have been some questions recently about musical instruments as carry-ons. In the last FAA authorization bill, passed in 2012, Congress included the following provision: 
“An air carrier providing air transportation shall permit a passenger to carry a violin, guitar, or other musical instrument in the aircraft cabin, without charging the passenger a fee in addition to any standard fee that carrier may require for comparable carry-on baggage ….”
Just before the New Year, the FAA published the regulations implementing this law that will go into effect in early March. Passengers will be allowed to bring their musical instruments on board as carry-on luggage permitting the item fits in an FAA approved stowage space (overhead bin and/or closet). If the instrument cannot fit in an approved location within the cabin then it will be checked the same as any other carry-on bag with no additional cost to the passenger. Instruments will be treated the same as any other carry-on bag with the “first come, first served” policy regarding stowage space in aircraft cabin overhead bins and closets.

There will be no change to current Flight Attendant procedures regarding carry-on baggage. Flight Attendants are not responsible for the stowing of musical instruments but remain responsible for ensuring all carry-on bags are properly stowed in approved locations prior to aircraft boarding door closure. Flight Attendants may refer to their IFM (LUS) or eManual (LAA) for carry-on baggage policies and procedures.
Hotel Transportation – Section 6.C.2 –
If transportation is not available within 20 minutes of the crew’s request, alternate transportation to the hotel will be authorized. On overnights scheduled for less than 10:30, alternate transportation to the hotel will be authorized if transportation is not available after 10 minutes.
LAA: Previously 30 minutes Domestic / 45 minutes International
LUS: Status Quo
Hotel site inspections have taken place in the following markets in January:
Global Entry Reimbursement –
The company is now accepting reimbursement applications for Global Entry submissions. Click here for information on how to apply for Global Entry membership as well as reimbursement.

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