Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

1.26.15 – (LAA) Last 5 Days Sequence Protection

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January 26, 2015

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Last Five Days Sequence Protection (L5D)

Due to the expected extreme weather on the East Coast, many Flight Attendants are experiencing cancellations for the last trip in the last five days of the month. If contacted prior to sign in, Flight Attendants are only required to be on the Make Up list and to participate in the HISEND MU Round for each Day Originally Scheduled To Fly (DOSTF).  

Your Guarantee is NOT automatically protected. The Flight Attendant must participate in the applicable HISEND MU Rounds (and be on the MU list for all days originally scheduled to fly plus 8 hours which may require the Flight Attendant to add their name to the MU list an additional day). The obligation window is indicated in your HI1 header after the cancellation. If the Flight Attendant opts out of protecting their guarantee, then the guarantee is incrementally reduced by the value of the sequence (if the Flight Attendant is at or below guarantee in PPROJ). 

Also, a Flight Attendant is only obligated to participate in the HISEND MU rounds on DOSTF and to accept a single trip of any length that signs in within the obligation window until midnight of the last day of the month (originally scheduled trip plus eight (8) hours after scheduled arrival time). If the Flight Attendant does not participate or does not bid enough (and doesn’t state “plot to protect guarantee within obligation” on their HISEND message), the protection will be lost. If not plotted then the Flight Attendant may choose to participate in subsequent MU/II/CC/AB proffer rounds and may decline proffered flying without losing protection.

Please refer to the scheduling page at for a more detailed explanation including the Pay Protection Flow Chart for L5D.
For trips that do not meet the parameters of L5D, please follow the regular Misconnect, Illegality, and Cancelation (MIC) guidelines which can be reviewed on the scheduling page of or in the On Duty Contract, page 17-19.

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