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2.06.15 – (LAA/LUS) Reimbursement For Transport Between 2300 and 0600, LUS Code 59, LAA Bid Leaves, LUS Hours/Month For Benefits?

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February 6, 2015

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Q. Can you explain when I would qualify for Company reimbursement for transportation charges incurred between the hours of 2300 and 0600? Section 6.C.4. – CREW ACCOMMODATIONS

A. At the Flight Attendant’s crew base, s/he will be allowed actual transportation charges (i.e., taxi) substantiated by receipts if the flight on which s/he is assigned terminates between 2300 and 0600 as a result of a late scheduled arrival.

Example:  Your last flight home was scheduled to arrive at 2230, but because of a weather delay, the flight arrived late, blocking-in at 2310. In this case, you are entitled to be reimbursed for transportation charges including tips and tolls. To receive reimbursement, you must complete the appropriate reimbursement form, and submit it along with the receipt to the company no later than 60 days following the flight. For LAA Flight Attendants, the form is available on the Job Resources page of the Flight Service website (use the Parking/Other reimbursement form). For LUS Flight Attendants, the form is available on Wings.
LUS – Current Language
LAA – 1/1/15

Q:  According to the JCBA Implementation Schedule, LUS Flight Attendants began receiving ATC Hold/Actual Out Time pay on January 31, 2015 (current for LAA).  Please explain this provision and how it applies? SECTION 3. L. – COMPENSATION

A: When the Captain elects to delay starting engines as a result of Air Traffic Control (ATC) delays, flight time pay and credit will be considered to have begun at the time the aircraft would have departed had there been no ATC delay. Also, if a flight’s actual block-out time is delayed due to one of the below situations, Flight Attendants will receive the greater of the scheduled block-to-block time or the delay time PLUS the actual block-to-block time of the flight.
Actual “Out” Time (Code 59) situations include:

  • Delay at the gate awaiting pushback, power back or taxi-out due to airport congestion or as a result of congestion on the ramp from deicing operations off the gate;
  • Aircraft deicing; and
  • Maintenance performed after departure from the gate but prior to takeoff.

In these situations, Flight Attendants:

  • Should contact the Captain to confirm that Code 59 (the code used to identify an Actual “Out” Time event) is applicable and has been entered into Flight Deck computer; and
  • Shall receive full flight time pay and credit.

Such flight time is not included in block hour limitations, and does not run concurrently with holding time.
Q: Can you please explain the Bid Leave (BL) provision for LAA Flight Attendants? There is some confusion regarding the current provisions applicable to Bid Leaves (BL) for LAA Flight Attendants. Section 25 – LEAVES OF ABSENCE/APPROVED TIME OFF

A: A Bid Leave (BL) for LAA Flight Attendants will be treated as a “Voluntary Leave of Absence” (VLOA) going forward in accordance with Section 25 of the JCBA as outlined below:

Effective January 1, 2015, insurance premiums will be at the company-subsidized rate, even if the BL(s) exceeds 30 days. Please note: If the BL exceeds 30 days, arrangement for premium payments must be made through Aon Hewitt. If the BL is 30 days or less, premiums will be deducted from a future paycheck.

Also, Flight Attendants will continue to accrue seniority for bidding, pay and vacation accrual as well as retirement eligibility for the full duration of a BL.

The following provisions will be applicable for LAA Flight Attendants under VLOA – Section 25 – effective January 1, 2016, or earlier:

  • Vacation and Sick accrual eligibility during a month in which you are on a VLOA, regardless of the duration of the VLOA; and
  • Vacation Passes (D1) and Other Airline (OA) Travel will be allowed.

The Joint Negotiating Committee continues to pressure the company to implement these remaining VLOA benefits for LAA Flight Attendants prior to the January 1, 2016, deadline. The VLOA provisions for LUS Flight Attendants remain status quo.

Q:  Do I have to work a minimum number of hours per month in order to receive my vacation accrual, sick time and medical benefits? SECTION 8.A. – VACATION / SECTION 9.C. – SICK LEAVE / and SECTION 26 – INSURANCE, RETIREMENT AND OTHER BENEFITS

A:  There is no minimum annual or monthly threshold at LUS for vacation accrual, sick leave accrual or medical benefits’ eligibility. However, Flight Attendants must be in an active status for at least fifteen (15) days in a given month in order to accrue vacation days and sick leave hours for that month.
 Corrections to the JCBA Hotline dated  January 29, 2015:
Location Delay Incentive – SECTION 14.M.7. – INTERNATIONAL FLYING
Example: FLT# 755   CDG – PHL
ACTUAL DEPARTURE:         WED 1/28 – 2111 (over 10-hour delay)

In the above example, the time should read 2111, not 2011.
Domestic Voluntary Duty Waiver – SECTION 11.O.1. – HOURS OF SERVICE
LUS – Current Language (not FOI)

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