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2.13.15 – (LAA/LUS) LE/VE Reflected on Schedule, LUS VC Transition From Calendar to Fiscal, IPD Report Time, LUS Red Flag Pay, LAA Purser Requal

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February 13, 2015

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Q: When will the Location Delay Incentive (LE) and Voluntary Duty Waiver (VE) pay be reflected on my HI1 following the end of my trip sequence? Section 14.M.7 – LOCATION DELAY INCENTIVE / Section 11.O.1 – VOLUNTARY WAIVER OF FLIGHT DUTY LIMITATIONS
A:  Currently, Pay Comp processes LE pay on a weekly basis. If you were involved in an LE situation, the additional pay will be added to your PPROJ and reflected as “LE PAY” on your HI1, usually beneath the sequence on which you earned the LE pay.
On the other hand, VE pay is not added to your PPROJ but is reflected as “GUAR PREM” on your HI1, usually beneath the sequence on which you earned the VE pay. VE pay applied in the current month will be paid out in the next end-of-month paycheck.
If you do not see the LE pay within a week following the end of your trip, send a HISEND message to Pay Comp, using HISEND form number 14, to check the status of your LE pay. Please include the sequence number and sequence origination date in your message.
Please do not send a HISEND message immediately following your return to base. The large volume of HISEND messages is slowing down the Pay Comp analyst and delaying the processing of these two new contractual benefits.
Q: I know we are currently transitioning from a calendar vacation year to a fiscal vacation year. Because of this transition, it appears that I am losing my vacation accrual for the period January 2016 – April 2016. Will I accrue vacation for this four-month period? If so, when will I be able to bid for this accrued vacation? Section 8.C – VACATION BIDDING
A:  LUS Flight Attendants will not lose any accrued vacation during the transition from a calendar vacation year to a fiscal vacation year. LUS Flight Attendants will continue to accrue vacation days for each month you are active for at least fifteen (15) days in a contractual bid month—from January through December.  
In the fall of this year, you will bid for and be awarded a vacation period between January 2016 through April 2017 based on the vacation earned in the 2015 calendar year. This 16-month vacation period will transition you from the Red Book’s calendar vacation year to the JCBA’s fiscal vacation year, which runs from May through April.
Then in early 2017, you will bid for and be awarded a vacation period between May 2017 through April 2018 based on the vacation earned in the 2016 calendar year (January through December).
Each year, thereafter, you will continue to bid for a vacation period between May and April based on the vacation earned in the previous calendar year.
Q:  I noticed in the JCBA that the report time is changing for IPD flights (currently known as IFS at LAA and TI at LUS). When will that change be implemented? Section 14.E.1 – IPD REPORT TO RELEASE PERIOD
A:  The report time for IPD flights will be changing to one hour and fifteen minutes (1.15 hrs) prior to scheduled departure. This change will be implemented “as soon as practicable,” because it requires the Scheduling computer systems at LAA and LUS to be re-programmed. When this change occurs, the international override will increase to $3.75 per hour. Flight Attendants should report for duty according to their existing contract language until notified that this change has taken place.
Q:  What is the pay for sequences (pairings) in company Open Time during critical staffing?  What if I am already at my monthly maximum and red flag sequences become available? Section 10.H – RED FLAGGING OPEN TIME
A:  During times of critical staffing, Scheduling may red flag a sequence/position in open time. Red flagged sequences shall be paid at the rate of one hundred fifty percent (150%) and credited at one hundred percent (100%).  A Flight Attendant may exceed the monthly maximum to accept a red flagged sequence.
Implementation: LUS – 12.13.14

Q:  I am a Purser at LAA. Because of the merger, will I have to requalify or reapply for the Purser position? Implementation Letter T.14 – INTERNATIONAL FLYING
A:  No. The JCBA Implementation Timeline Letter of Agreement states that Flight Attendants qualified in the Purser program at LAA or LUS will remain in the program with the implementation of Section 14, International Flying.

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