2.20.15 – (LAA) Sk Pay/Sk Cap Removed, Training Pay Implementation

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February 20, 2014

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100% Sick Pay for ALL Sequences and 80/85-Hour Sick Cap Removed – Eff. May 2, 2015 – negotiate@apfa.org
The Joint Negotiating Committee continues to work with the company on implementing items in the JCBA. We are pleased to share with LAA Flight Attendants that beginning May 2, 2015, all sequences coded Makeup (MU), Optional Exchange (OE), Option II (II), Optional Reserve (OR), Limited Option II (L2) and Critical Coverage (CC) for which a Flight Attendant calls in sick will now be paid, provided s/he has sick time available.

Also, effective May 2, 2015, the LAA Sick Cap of 80 hours max for Domestic Flight Attendants and 85 hours max for International and Reserve Flight Attendants will be eliminated. All sequences will be paid at 100% when calling in sick, regardless of how many hours are on the Flight Attendant’s schedule, provided s/he has sick time available. – Section 9.A

Training Pay Implementation – Eff. May 2, 2015 – negotiate@apfa.org
JCBA Training Pay provisions will be implemented for LAA Flight Attendants effective May 2, 2015. (There are no changes for LUS Flight Attendants as these provisions are already in effect.)

JCBA – Section 29.E Training Pay – provides for the following:

  • $75 per day of classroom training
  • $75 for Recurrent Training online home study
  • Distance/Online learning pay for non-Recurrent training:
    • $25 for up to 2 hours
    • $50 for 2:01 – 4:00 hours
    • $75 for 4:01 – 8:00 hours

For example, with CQ training, Flight Attendants will now receive $225 based on one day of online training and 2 days of classroom training.

Lineholders: Sequence removal for training will be unpaid and your guarantee reduced, however, you will have access to open time to pre-plot a trip as if you lost time involuntarily. If a Flight Attendant has an illegality as a result of training, s/he can follow MIC procedures to protect Bid Line Guarantee or Adjusted Guarantee.

Reserves/AVBL: Applicable Reserve/Availability guarantee protected

Please click here for more info including changes to Overwater Training, Proffered Training and Trigger Training.
LUS: Status Quo
LAA: May 2, 2015

NOTE: Current Training Pay language for LAA will remain in effect for the March and April contractual months. Changes to training pay as outlined above will not be implemented until May 2, 2015.

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