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2.27.15b – (LAA) VC Bidding, Holiday Pay, Int’l Override, Language Pay on Deadhead, Equity Stock Info

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February 27, 2015

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Vacation Bidding (
Primary Vacation bidding is open and will close on Monday March 9 at 0800CT. You are eligible to split your vacation if you accrued 19 or more days of vacation (prior to the deduction for any PVD usage in 2014). You must have accrued at least 7 days of vacation to be awarded a vacation during the Primary vacation round. Those that have accrued less than 7 days will be awarded after Secondary vacations have been awarded. However, in order to enter a preference for a vacation slot if you accrued less than 7 days, you must bid during the Primary Vacation Bidding Period.
Holiday Pay/International Override/Language Pay on Deadhead Segments (
APFA is working on several problems related to incorrect pay for our members for their January flying. 
Thanks to quick reporting by our members, we have found several instances of LAA Flight Attendants not being paid properly for working on a sequence or serving Reserve Standby duty, which touched January 1st as provided in Section 29.J (Holiday Pay). While it appears most of our members were paid properly, APFA has requested and the company has agreed to run a new comprehensive program to ensure all Flight Attendants are properly compensated under this provision.
Also, some Flight Attendants did not receive the proper International override pay for sequences that originated in December in which they were International but terminated in January when they fell off to Domestic. APFA is working with Pay Comp to ensure the Flight Attendants are paid correctly for all international segments. 
Lastly, the provisions in Section 3.I.1.(Foreign Language Speaker Premium Pay) include premium pay for all hours on deadhead flights if that flight segment requires the particular language. APFA became aware that this pay was not initially captured by the company during close out for January. We have advised the company that they must review January to ensure the applicable deadhead hours are also captured and paid properly and capture these hours for pay in future months.
APFA has advised the company that all of these items should be rectified and paid promptly. As soon as we have an update as to when those Flight Attendants who were not compensated properly can expect to see the additional pay, we will provide an update on this hotline.
Equity Stock Tax Info
American has published a handy chart showing the Fair Market Value for all six of the Equity Distributions to date. You can find that on Jetnet – (Jetnet login required). The Flight Attendant distribution stock values are read from the first chart on that page labeled: “Distributions from Company or Disputed Claims Reserve (DCR).” Also, American has provided other information about the taxation of the Equity Shares that can be found at
As stated on the Computershare website, the shares were issued as “Restricted Stock Units” (RSUs). To determine your individual tax liability regarding the Equity Shares, you should consult a tax advisor or attorney.

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