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3.17.15 – (LAA/LUS) Plot to Protect Guarantee, Pay Verification, Transfer/Proffer Preferences, YSA Acct. Reimbursement

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March 17, 2015

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Plot to Protect Guarantee –

When submitting a HISEND in the HISEND MU round in order to protect your applicable bid line guarantee, assignments made by Crew Schedule cannot conflict with Duty Free Periods (DFPs), future assignments or cause the Flight Attendant to exceed the applicable monthly maximum.  A Flight Attendant may be awarded trips based on her/his HISEND requests that conflict with DFPs or cause the Flight Attendant to exceed their current monthly maximum (i.e. trigger Option I or are below the 100 hour Make Up Maximum), if requested.
Pay Verification –

Each month, around the 9th or 10th, Pay Compensation closes out pay for the previous month in order to generate pay checks. This is the time to verify any pay protection or other pay you think is in place is still there by reviewing your final Activity/Pay Sheet on Jetnet . HI2s a Flight Attendant may have pulled prior to close out may not reflect adjustments that affect pay. If there are issues, supply supporting documents to Pay Comp immediately so that any errors can be corrected in a timely manner.

Transfer and Proffer Preferences –

All transfer and proffer preferences were purged on March 5 at 1057CT. As a result of combining the operations there is only one procedure for all Flight Attendants so there is no longer a need for proffers to international bases or mutual laterals between international bases.  Effective May 2, 2015, all Flight Attendants will change base by simply transferring (or mutual transfer) between bases. If you desire to change base effective May 2 or after you must update your transfer request in your 3* using the domestic transfer entry and domestic base designator. DECS programming has not changed and you still have the ability to enter a proffer preference so please be aware that any proffer you may enter to an international base will just be ignored going forward.
To enter a proper transfer request use the 3C/T/Base-D.  Example: 3C/T/RDU-D
Keep in mind that if you hold a transfer or mutual transfer there is no longer an opportunity to decline the transfer, so please keep your transfer preferences up to date and remove any transfer request you are no longer willing to accept.
YSA Account Reimbursement –

Q: Why are my healthcare claims no longer automatically reimbursed through direct deposit?
A: In 2015, our plan administer changed to AON Hewitt. In order to continue direct deposit reimbursement, Flight Attendants must update their information on Jetnet.  

  • Login to Jetnet > Pay and Benefts > Benefit Service Center > Health Reimbursement Account
  • Once there you will find a green ‘Take Action’ Tab > Update your Profile
  • Enter your Direct Deposit Banking Information
  • Verify the Reimbursement Method for Health Care – Pay with your card or Pay me directly.
  • Click to save changes

Any claims incurred prior to updating this information will need to be manually submitted for reimbursement. You can either submit an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) or an actual receipt for prescriptions from the pharmacy.

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