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3.17.15b – (LAA/LUS) Implementation Schedule Update

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March 17, 2015

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Implementation Update
Since January, we, the JNC implementation team, have been meeting with the Company on a regular basis to discuss the implementation of JCBA provisions. We have remained dedicated to our mission: ensuring the Company implements each provision correctly and in a timely manner. When unforeseen issues arise with the implementation of a provision, we swiftly address these issues to protect the membership from losing out on the full benefits of that provision. If issues are known in advance, we have been working diligently to resolve them in order to meet the agreed upon implementation date. Furthermore, when it is known that the implementation of a provision will be delayed due to unresolved issues, despite our efforts to solve them, we will continue to consult with the APFA Board of Directors to determine the best course of action moving forward.  
During early implementation discussions last Fall, the Company and APFA agreed to divide the implementation of the JCBA provisions into two general time periods: the first 120 days from Date of Signing (DOS) and beyond 120 days following DOS.
The JNC placed top priority on implementing compensation-related provisions (such as wages, per diem, premiums) during the first 120 days so that members could start earning more income as quickly as possible. Priority was also placed on those provisions that do not require complex programming to deliver flexibility and enhancements expeditiously to the membership, such as Voluntary Duty Day Waiver for LAA Flight Attendants as well as ATC Hold/Code 59 provisions for LUS Flight Attendants.
Several provisions that are tied to the first 120 days, ranging from training pay to the elimination of the sick cap to the removal of the purser designator on certain flights are set to be implemented on May 2nd.  We will provide full explanations of these provisions in the coming weeks. In addition to those sections that have already been implemented in their entirety, fifty-four (54) provisions will have been implemented by May 2nd, including items from Compensation (Section 3), Expenses (Section 4), Sick (Section 9), Scheduling (Section 10), Hours of Service (Section 11), International (Section 14) and Crew Rest (Section 38).
Shortly before the completion of the first 120 days, we will turn our attention to the remaining “as soon as practicable” items, pressing the Company to implement those items, too, without unnecessary delays.
Click here to view the implementation schedule chart so that you can keep track of the status of each JCBA item. This chart is updated frequently and can also be accessed on the APFA website via the JCBA web page.
Additionally, the Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) will be gearing up in the next couple of months to begin working on all the major scheduling-related items, such as pay protection. This committee is a separate body from the JNC but includes members who either served on or worked intimately close with the JNC’s scheduling sub-committee. The JSIC will be primarily responsible for overseeing the “implementation and development of the PBS system, TTS [Trip Trade System], and implementation of Scheduling, Reserve and related sections…”- Section 10.D.2.
Both the JNC and the JSIC are committed to the goal of implementing the JCBA items quickly, correctly and smoothly. Please keep checking this hotline every week for the latest information on the implementation status of JCBA provisions.

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