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3.27.15 – (LAA/LUS) I.T. Update, LUS Base Visits, Prefunding Arb, Retirement Briefing ORD, SOC, KCM Out of Uniform, LAX-HND

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March 27, 2015

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Following continuous disappointment and subsequent discussions resulting in no immediate improvements with the Electronic Trade Board (ETB), APFA President Laura Glading sent a letter to the company this week requesting that the company “abandon the ‘in-house’ ETB system currently in place and reinstate FLICA (Flightline) ETB until such time that the company’s ETB system can meet the necessary programming requirements to satisfy LUS Flight Attendants. The company’s attempt to bring ETB in house has proven unsuccessful. As a result, Flight Attendants are consistently disadvantaged and that is simply unacceptable.

A meeting has been called for April 7th with the LUS Presidents, and management in DFW. The company will walk the union through the entire ETB and ISAP process. The APFA has asked the company to propose immediate alternatives to the current ETB process. We are committed to finding a way to fix these problems as quickly as possible.
In addition, a follow up meeting will be held on April 10th with the company, the Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) and the Joint Scheduling Initiative Committee (JSIC).

This issue is important to our Flight Attendants and APFA will not stop until ETB is fixed along with the required improvements to ISAP and Reserve. The LUS Contract Enforcement Committee sent a message earlier today entitled Reserve System Implementation –  Questions and Concerns. To read more, click here.

Remember, if you have a question or comment regarding PBS/ISAP/RESERVE/ETB click the link below and complete the report form. The form will be routed to the JIRC or the appropriate Company departments for handling and responding to your questions and/or comments.

PBS Help Form

LUS Base Visits

APFA President Laura Glading has scheduled base visits to each of the four LUS bases in April. If you are in the area or have the opportunity to stop by the crew room, please make a point to stop by and talk with Laura.

April 1
PHX 10am – 2pm

April 15
DCA/DCU 11am – 3pm

April 21
CLT 10am – 3pm

April 22
PHL 2pm – 7pm

Prefunding Arbitration

On April 28, APFA will be presenting its case regarding the company’s refusal to return its portion of the prefunding contribution to Flight Attendants. All members in good standing are welcome to attend the open portions of the arbitration. Stay tuned to this hotline for more information as the date draws nearer.

Retirement Briefing in Chicago

APFA Retirement Specialist Patrick Hancock will be conducting a Retirement Briefing in Chicago on Tuesday, April 7th from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 pm. The briefing will be held in the K-19 Operations Conference Room. All Flight Attendants are invited to attend. LAA can download a pension statement estimate from Jetnet. LUS can download your pension estimate from This popular and informative briefing will cover many topics important to making the most out of your retirement planning.

Single Operating Certificate (SOC)

American Airlines expects to receive its SOC from the FAA on April 8th. What this means is that the carriers will no longer be recognized as separate airlines, and the call sign “Cactus” will be retired in reference to US Airways flights between pilots and the control tower. It also means that the majority of flight, maintenance and dispatch procedures are identical. Also, this weekend, American will transfer reward points from the US Airways program “Dividend Miles” into AAdvantage accounts. Later this year the reservations systems are slated to be combined.

KCM Access While Not In Uniform

The TSA is requesting all non-uniformed crew members using a KCM portal to display their airline ID badge on their outermost garment so it is visible to an agent. This will help the agent identify crew members vs a possible passenger attempting to breach the security checkpoint.

DOT Gives SEA-HND to Delta – AA is the Backup For LAX-HND

Late today, the DOT awarded allowed Delta to keep its SEA-HND route provided it flies the route every day of the year. The DOT also chose AA as the “backup authority for its proposed LAX-HND services should Delta not meet the additional conditions and requirements tentatively attached to this slot pair authority.”

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