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4.01.15 – (LUS) LUS Flight Attendants Fully Represented by APFA, LUS APFA Contact Information

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April 1, 2015

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Dear APFA Member,
Today marks another significant milestone in our merger.
Since September 2, 2014, when APFA was certified as the representative of the combined LUS and LAA Flight Attendant workgroups, APFA has been sharing certain responsibilities of representing our membership with AFA-CWA, the union that represented the Flight Attendants at US Airways. In order to enable AFA to administer provisions that were carried over from the LUS Red Book and process grievances that had arisen under the US Airways/AFA contract, and based on a written agreement (the “Maintenance Agreement”) between the two unions, APFA has been forwarding to AFA all dues money collected from LUS Flight Attendants.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of many union reps from each legacy workgroup, and with the help and support of the LUS representatives, APFA is now well prepared to take on all representation responsibilities under the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA). APFA will continue our efforts in legislative and other arenas to promote and protect our membership and our profession.
AFA will continue to process the outstanding grievances that were filed under the US Airways/AFA contract. To ensure that AFA has the financial resources to properly see those grievances through, and, consistent with the Maintenance Agreement, APFA will forward to AFA the necessary amount of money from dues paid by LUS Flight Attendants.
This is an exciting step for the entire membership and the timing is excellent. Next week, the company expects to receive a single operating certificate from the FAA. That brings Flight Attendants a step closer to taking full advantage of the merger’s benefits.
Speaking for everyone at APFA headquarters, we are very excited about this step, about our futures, and about working toward an even stronger union representing the Flight Attendants of the world’s largest airline. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this transition as smooth as possible. The enormous tasks related to this merger have required patience, diligence, and hard work on the part of many Flight Attendants. We continue to be humbled by the dedication of our workgroup and union representatives.

In Unity,

APFA President Laura Glading
APFA Vice President Marcus Gluth
APFA Secretary Jeff Pharr
APFA Treasurer Greg Gunter

LUS Flight Attendants, please use the resources below to contact a Union Representative:

APFA HQ: 817.540.0108 – Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:00 CT
LUS Flight Attendant Start Page:
APFA Contact Information Page:
APFA Membership Department: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8153 or
APFA Dues Department: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8151 or

CLT Base Page
Base President
Cathy Bossi

Base Vice President
Beth Story

DCA Base Page
Base President
Dianne Britton

Base Vice President
Christine Kolackovsky

PHL Base Page
Base President
Kim Kaswinkel

Base Vice President
Brian Morgan

PHX Base Page
Base President
Joe Seelye

Base Vice President
Brian Clark

Phone:             817-540-0108, Ext. 8302

  • Submitting safety and/or security incident reports to APFA
  • Responding to an event letter sent by SSD
  • Questions, concerns or problems:
    • Submitting safety and/or security incident reports to AA
    • eManual on the tablet
    • CQ Recurrent Training
    • Safety and/or Security Procedures
    • FAA, TSA and KCM
    • Cabin ASAP Program
    • Access to the Cabin ASAP reporting system
    • How to submit a Cabin ASAP report

Event Review Team (ERT)
Phone:             817-540-0108, Ext 8888
Contact or 817-540-0108, Ext. 8888 for the following:

  • Responding to a call or email from the Cabin ASAP ERT
  • Questions regarding a specific report/event you have submitted to Cabin ASAP

For the JCBA (Implemented Items), contact your Base Representatives or APFA Headquarters        
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8161
Red Book, contact your Base Representatives or APFA HQ 
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8169
Contact the APFA Scheduling Department with questions about: Legality questions, i.e. maximum duty day or minimum rest, trip award/scheduling error, Crew Scheduling/Systems Scheduling issues. etc.
For the JCBA (Implemented Items), contact your Base Representatives or APFA HQ 
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8161

Red Book, contact your Base Representatives or APFA HQ 
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8169

Contact the Contract Department with questions about: training, transfers, payroll, vacation, sick, seniority.
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8306
Hotel and Transportation Debrief Form:

Contact the Hotel Department with questions about: hotel issues and/or concerns, transportation problems, bed bug reports.

Note: APFA’s Hotel Report form goes directly to the APFA Hotel Department who then reviews the report and records the issue for trending problems. These reports are then forwarded to the appropriate company representative and/or the respective hotel’s general manager or director of sales.
Phone:            817.540.0108, Ext. 8304

Contact the Health/OJI Department with questions about:

  • Health
  • Benefits
  • Maternity
  • Disability
  • Family Leave
  • Sick leave of absence
  • OJI

Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8308
Flight Attendant Communication Team (FACT Reps)
Steve Chen: (LAA)
Chris Housman: (LUS)
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APFA Hotline
Sign up for hotline messages specific to LUS Flight Attendants as well as general hotlines to all membership.
Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8701

Contact EAP about: Drug/alcohol testing, medications Flight Attendants can fly on, trauma, domestic violence, depression/anxiety, addiction, mental health concerns for self or others, clearing medical, critical incident stress management (CISM), professional standards.

Do not contact EAP about:  FMLA (Contract Department), Sick Time (Health Department), Attendance (Contract Department), Health Benefits (Health Department)

APFA PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: (Leave a confidential VM message)
CLT: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8608
DCA-US: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8604
PHL: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8619
PHX: 817.540.0108, Ext. 8620

Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8109

If you are interested in getting involved in APFA’s Government Affairs Program or would like more information on how to join APFA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), contact APFA’s Government Affairs Specialist at!

Phone:             817.540.0108, Ext. 8490               

Contact the Retirement Specialist about: retirement options, retiree travel, Social Security, Medicare, 401k (company contribution and match), QPSA, QDRO
Questions about a pension that has been sent to the PBGC?
Phone:               800-400-7242

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