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4.08.15b – (LAA/LUS) Seniority Accrual


April 8, 2015

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Seniority Accrual –

This week, LAA Flight Attendants will see their Occupational (OCC), or “Bidding” Seniority Date adjusted in their HI8.

As you may recall, this adjustment was made in order to reconcile the AA Occupational (OCC) Seniority Date with the US Airways Seniority Integration Date (SID). The adjusted date is reflected on the October 1, 2014, integrated seniority list located on the Flight Service, Wings and APFA Websites.

Per the Seniority Integration Protocol Agreement, LAA Flight Attendants hired prior to January 1, 2013, received a 40-day credit to their OCC Seniority Date. LAA Flight Attendants hired on or after January 1, 2013, will be adjusted to their first date in training. Although LAA Flight Attendants will not be bidding with LUS Flight Attendants until Full Operational Integration (FOI) – expected in 2017 – the adjustment will be made this week. The adjusted date will not affect the relative seniority order of any LAA Flight Attendant.

Effective December 13, 2014, which is the JCBA Date of Signing (DOS), OCC Seniority accrues the same for LAA and LUS Flight Attendants. Going forward, OCC Seniority will continue to accrue for the full duration of any type of Leave of Absence. Also, the quarterly flying requirement for LUS Flight Service management is eliminated. The only time OCC Seniority would be adjusted is if you took a position at American outside of Flight Service.

The JCBA requires aligning all seniority accruals for LAA and LUS Flight Attendants. The most significant change for LAA Flight Attendants will be the creation of a new “Vacation Accrual” seniority. Work is still underway to add this seniority to the HI8.

LUS Flight Attendants have historically used the same date for vacation and pay seniority. This is known as “Longevity Seniority.” Historically, LAA Flight Attendants accrued vacation based on their Company Seniority. The JCBA requires that Vacation and Classification (Pay) seniority accrue in the same manner. In order to ensure LAA Flight Attendants hired prior to December 13, 2014, receive full credit for all vacation accrued, the Vacation Accrual date will be created with the same date as the Company Seniority date, including those who were previous Company transfers. Going forward this date will adjust by the same number of days as Classification seniority when a leave needing an adjustment exceeds 30 days.

Classification/Longevity and Vacation seniority accrues for the full duration of any paid Leave of Absence (e.g. paid sick, paid IOD).  It also accrues for the full duration of any Bid Leave (LAA) or Voluntary Leave (LUS), and for the first 30 days of unpaid Leaves of Absence (e.g. unpaid sick or IOD, maternity leave, etc.). See the chart in Section 25.N. for accrual information. For those LAA Flight Attendants hired on or after DOS, Classification/Longevity and Vacation Accrual dates will be identical.

Please note: For LAA Flight Attendants, there are no adjustments made to any seniority type when taking a Bid Leave regardless of the length of the Bid Leave as of January 1, 2015. For LUS Flight Attendants there continues to be no adjustments for Voluntary Leaves.

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