Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

4.08.15c – (LAA/LUS) Parking, LE, VE, PVD, Processing Times

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April 8, 2015

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The JNC Implementation Team has heard from several Flight Attendants following a company communication last week that announced the implementation of JCBA Section 4.D – Parking. The JNC is not in agreement over portions of the message including the eligibility for reimbursement for Flight Attendants who have already paid for parking over 60 days prior to April 1 and the amount of reimbursement for Flight Attendants who park at AA Managed vs Non-AA Managed Facilities
APFA’s continued goal with the implementation process is to implement JCBA provisions quickly, clearly and correctly. We will be meeting with the Company this week to further discuss our concerns.
LE / VE / PVD Processing Timeline
Pay Compensation adds the additional pay earned through Voluntary Duty Day Waivers (VE) and Location Delay Incentive (LE) within seven (7) days following the termination of the sequence. If you do not see the additional pay by that time, please contact Pay Compensation either by phone or HISEND for assistance. Dial 800-VIP-CREW and listen to the prompts to be connected to a company rep or send a message using HISEND Form 14 with the following information: sequence number and sequence origination date.
As for Personal Vacation Days (PVDs), Pay Compensation manually adds the daily rate of three hours, thirty minutes (3.5 hours) within three (3) days from the date you are granted a PVD. If you do not see the addition of the daily rate on your schedule by that time, please contact a Pay Compensation agent via one of the above mentioned options.
Combined List of Acronyms
All of us have been introduced to so many new terms and their associated acronyms over the past few months. In an effort to help Flight Attendants become familiar with these acronyms, a list has been compiled and uploaded to the APFA Website.
Click here to view the list.
In Unity,
The JNC Implementation Team



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