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Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

4.14.15 – (LUS) “K” (CSD Qualified FA) Cannot Bump a Core Position to Acquire CSD


April 14, 2015

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A “K” (CSD Qualified FA) Cannot Bump a Core Position to Acquire CSD
As you know, the LUS Flight Attendant Pairing Program changed in October 2013. A few of the major changes involved different pairing numbers from the pilots, the creation of the “K” position in the FAN Package and separate LOD/O pairing numbers on TI flights. To explain the changes, a publication entitled CLT-DCA-PHL Flight Attendant Only Lines Booklet was made available in the Crew Lounges and on WINGS.  

Page 16 of the booklet states:

*IMPORTANT REMINDER:  When awarded a FAN position, your base seniority cannot bump another Flight Attendant out of a position on the core pairing or vice versa. You can obtain a core position, if that is what you want, by swapping pairings. When the swap is done on the day of departure, ensure that you call Scheduling to formalize the trade within the CBA timelines.

On WINGS, under the US Airways Cabin Service Director Question and Answer document it states:

Q: If you are the K position on LHR or any other transoceanic flight without a LOD/O and are the only qualified CSD on the trip, are you required to take the position?  If so who would then go to the K position?

A: A flight attendant holding a pairing in the K position may not use her/his seniority to bump into the core pairing. The open CSD position will be filled according to 14.M.5.b of the CBA within the core pairing.

With the recent implementation of PBS, some CSD-qualified Flight Attendants, holding a “K” position on a TI destination, incorrectly declared seniority bumping rights to get the CSD position from Core pairing holders.   

During a recent Scheduling related meeting, the LUS Local Presidents, APFA National Scheduling Chair and JIRC addressed the conflict between separate pairings and the language of 14.A of the Redbook. The intent of this language was never to carve out an exception for a Flight Attendant on a separate pairing who is also CSD qualified. The Company and the Union agreed a written clarification was necessary.

Union Position: As stated, in published material relating to the Pairing Program Changes and CSD Q&A, when a Flight Attendant bids and is awarded a TI “K” position or when a Non-LOD/O fills a LOD/O position s/he has bid a separate pairing from the Core; therefore, s/he has no seniority bumping rights just because s/he is CSD qualified. Such separate pairing rule also applies to Flight Attendants holding FLS, Chasers, AUG, 32J, G FA (+14 hour duty period: example TI/757) positions as well.

Although infrequent, in the event that a Core pairing to a TI destination has no CSD-qualified Flight Attendants, the CSD position shall be changed to a Lead Flight Attendant position and filled in accordance with Section 10, Scheduling.

Effective with the June bid month, the *Important Message (shown in the red above) will be modified and posted on the cover of the FAN pairing package on a monthly basis.



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