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4.24.14 – (LAA) Combined Operation Update

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April 24, 2015

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LAA Combined Operation Update
Effective May 2, 2015, Section 3.C of the JCBA will be implemented, eliminating the need for a purser qualification except for on International IPD flights and Domestic 3-class Transcon flights. All other #1 positions will be considered lead and will not require any additional qualification. The pay premiums will be paid on scheduled or actual flying time, whichever is greater.
The bid run was able to honor the new provisions because it is run outside of FOS. Inside of FOS, the change requires a modification (table change) to the programming that verifies Flight Attendants have the necessary qualification to cover sequences. Until FOS is modified, Flight Attendants will only be able to trade under today’s rules, meaning INTL non-IPD and DOM non-Transcon wide bodies will wrongly require a purser for May trades.
The necessary table change is scheduled for April 26th, a few days after bids are finalized. This will then allow trading for May under the new rules. Crew Schedule will continue to honor the current purser requirements when assigning or awarding open time for the remainder of April – in line with the contract.
Until April 26th, any May trades or drops between Flight Attendants will require the current qualifications, meaning pursers may trade or drop between themselves or with sequences requiring a purser in open time, but lead position trades and drops between Flight Attendants without the qualification or with sequences in open time will have to be processed after the programming is updated.
Keep in mind that for the short period until May 2nd, HIBOARD will require a Flight Attendant in a newly expanded base to use Option 8 to view sequences posted by Flight Attendants from the opposite division. For instance, a currently ORD Flight Attendant must select IOR to see sequences posted by an INTL Flight Attendant and the reverse is true for a currently IOR Flight Attendant. If an IOR Flight Attendant was awarded DOM sequences and has posted them, they will be listed in the IOR base. By selecting Option 9, and then DOM, the system will display DOM sequences. If a sequence isn’t displaying as expected, make sure the applicable base and sort feature has been selected. Once all the Flight Attendants are assigned to the new single base, Option 9 will permit Flight Attendants to sort all posted sequences by INTL, DOM or BOTH. 
Additionally, Crew Schedule has informed APFA that Trip Trade with Open Time (TTOT) will open two days later than usual for May due to the implementation of the combined operation. As a reminder there is no contractually required opening time/date, but Crew Schedule has assured APFA that they understand the importance of the system and will work diligently to have it open as quickly as possible. It will be open by the 27th.
During the monthly bid award process, selections with pure Domestic and/or NIPD flying will be awarded without regard to the Purser qualification. However, aircraft that fly both IPD and NIPD markets (i.e. the 757-EL (BA) and 767) present some unique I.T. challenges from a trip trading and “assignment in actual operations” (i.e. Reserve assignments, Make-Up, Critical Coverage, etc.) perspective.

Temporary Limitations & Restrictions In Actual Operations
There are certain trip sequences that contain legs on the 757-EL (equipment code “BA”), which is the aircraft used in some IPD markets; as well as the 767-300 which also serves both IPD and NIPD markets. If you are awarded or assigned of these sequences, you will not be able to trade or drop to a non-qualified Purser on your own. This is because once the divisions are combined on May 2, Sabre will only recognize 757-EL (BA) and 767-300 trip sequences as requiring a Purser.

APFA has asked the company to input these trades and drops manually and the company has agreed. If you are attempting to trade or drop a sequence on the 757-EL (BA) or the 767-300 and one of you is not a Purser, please call the Senior On Duty at Crew Schedule between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Central Time. Tell the crew scheduler that you are calling about a “Purser-restricted trade” and ask for the Senior on Duty.

NOTE: The Company is in the process of adding a setting in FOS to eliminate the Purser requirement in the above-described cases. By adding this setting, FOS will only require a Purser on IPD flights and 3-Class Transcons. They have informed us that it will a take a few months to complete this programming project.

Therefore, even though all Flight Attendants will be eligible to bid the number 1 position on a line that consists of sequences with 757-BA or 767 flying, only Purser qualified Flight Attendants will be eligible to pick up the number 1 position on those aircrafts from open time, including HIPLOT for AVBL and HVBL as well as trading with open time. Additionally, only Purser-qualified Flight Attendants will be allowed to pick up the number 1 position on the 757-BA or the 767 aircraft via proffered flying, i.e., Make-Up (MU), Option II (II), Voluntary Purser (VP), etc, as there is no viable solution to circumvent the FOS Purser requirement with trips from open time.

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