4.27.15 – (LAA/LUS) AC Door Opening Procedures, Tablet Updates, FAA Audits, NRT Customs’ Searches, Cabin ASAP

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April 27, 2015

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Aircraft Door Opening Procedures – safety@apfa.org

Recently, there has been an increase in inadvertent slide deployments. While it is easy to become distracted with all of the crew responsibilities before and after departure and arrival, Flight Attendants should follow all door arming/disarming procedures including monitor and challenge.

Flight Attendants are never to open an aircraft door* except in an emergency. If an agent, caterer, pilot, ground worker or anyone else requests the Flight Attendant open an aircraft door, the Flight Attendant should decline the request. Our responsibility is to ensure the aircraft doors are armed/disarmed and to close the boarding door with the assistance of the gate agent.

(*LAA Flight Attendants working position #1 on the 737 and S80 are responsible for “cracking” the disarmed forward entry door for the agent on arrival.)
Tablet eManual Updates – safety@apfa.org

In order to avoid a possible FAA violation or possibly being turned away at Recurrent Training, Flight Attendants should always ensure the inflight eManual is up to date.

To verify the latest revision has been downloaded follow the steps below:

  • Power on Tablet
  • Tap “eManual” icon and go to the Outlines view
  • Tap on the Flight Service Inflight Manual Title Page and verify the date (should read 15APR15)

To update your eManual:

  • Confirm your Tablet is NOT in Airplane Mode
  • Either connect to a 3G/4G signal or connect and configure your Tablet to a local WiFi network (just turning on WiFi does not necessarily mean it is connected)

If you can’t update your manual, contact the Table Help Desk at 800.343.0343.

FAA Audits – MIA and DCA
– safety@apfa.org
The FAA will be conducting inflight manual audits this week, April 27th – May 1st, in MIA and DCA. All Flight Attendants flying in and out of DCA and MIA should be prepared to have their tablets checked for the latest eManual update (15APR15), tablet is charged and an extra battery is accessible along with the tablet charger.
Japanese Custom Searches in NRT – safety@apfa.org

NRT Customs has increased crewmember searches on inbound flights. In order to avoid being detained and cited for customs’ infractions, Flight Attendants working flights to NRT are reminded to complete the customs form and declare items they are carrying into Japan. Always check your bags to ensure there are no inadvertent prohibited items. Working Crewmembers are allowed to bring duty free items into Japan, however, Crewmembers must declare each item on the customs form, present proof of purchase and be prepared to pay a duty fee to the Japanese Customs Official.
All Crewmembers should abide by all requests during a Customs search. If any Crewmember encounters a problem while processing through Japanese Customs, request assistance from an AA NRT Representative.
Questions or problems regarding NRT Custom searches can be sent directly to safety@apfa.org and your local base APFA President.
Cabin ASAP Program – safety@apfa.org

Flight Attendants who are involved in an FAR violation or have a general or specific cabin safety concern regarding Flight Attendant safety procedures/polices (especially considering the many procedure changes due to the merger) should consider submitting reports to the Cabin ASAP program.

ASAP allows for a non-punitive method for employees to bring concerns forward without fear of discipline. Reports submitted to the Cabin ASAP program are reviewed and addressed by the AA, APFA and the FAA. The data collected through the reports is used to initiate changes to safety policies and procedures, changes that would be less likely to occur without the assistance of Crewmembers’ self reporting. Questions about the Cabin ASAP program should be sent directly to safety@apfa.org.

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