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4.28.15 – (LAA) Training Pay and Makeup


April 28, 2015

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Training Pay and Makeup –

Beginning May 2, 2015, Flight Attendants will be paid a daily rate for training of $75 and any necessary training removals will be unpaid and uncredited for Lineholders.

Q: How do I recover the time when a removal is required?
A: Effective May 2, Flight Attendants may recover the time through Make-up, Option II and Critical Coverage or by picking up time from fellow Flight Attendants. Recognizing the loss as involuntary, APFA and AA have agreed to offer two additional options for these low on time Flight Attendants.

S/he may call Crew Schedule one time during the month to request:

  • Open time trip(s) equal to the value of the removed sequence plus up to one hour, or
  • HVBL days, which permit recovery of the value of the removed sequence plus up to one hour. Normal HVBL rules apply.

The Senior-on-Duty at Crew Schedule must assist with these options. They can help between the hours of 0700 and 2100 Central. To reach the Senior-on-Duty, call 800-VIP-CREW and follow the prompts to reach Crew Schedule for “today’s operation”. When a Scheduler answers, tell them you’re calling about a training removal and open time access and ask for the Senior-on-Duty.

A Flight Attendant schedules training for 7-8 May and is removed from 2 turnaround trip sequences worth a combined 12:00 (6:30 + 5:30). The Flight Attendant may call Crew Schedule one time to pick up a trip(s) during the month worth up to 13:00 (6:30 + 5:30 + 1:00) or he/she may request 2 HVBL days be added to his/her schedule during the same month as the unpaid trip removals.

Q: What if I have an illegality after I attend training?
A: In the event a Flight Attendant becomes illegal for a sequence as a result of training, regular MIC rules apply for bid line guarantee or adjusted line guarantee protection. As a reminder, training sequences are not dynamic and will not update based on the actual operation. A Flight Attendant must contact Crew Schedule to notify of any illegality, including Reserves arriving late on the scheduled DHD who need additional rest based on arrival time.

Please note: Both duty-day and at base rest legalities are computed based on the flights scheduled in the classroom roster (CRR) from/to your base. Voluntary deviation (due to commuting, traveling out of a co-terminal city, etc.) from these flights does not cause a new legality calculation.

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