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5.04.15b – (LAA) Company Announces 777-300 Staffing Increase, 767-300 Staffing Reduction


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May 4, 2015

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Company Announces 767-300 Staffing Cut to Eight FAs
The company announced today a reduction in staffing on 767-300 aircraft for IPD (IFS) destinations. APFA can see no reason why this reduction was made.  

The financial benefits to the company are clear, however, our customers will suffer from degenerated business class service with increased workloads. And with increased workloads on board, this reduction will affect inflight rest for our Flight Attendants.

With the modification of the 777-200 and the new 787 business class, the new theme is to push the Purser into an aisle position. Should something happen on the aircraft which requires immediate attention, the service will suffer and our premium passengers will feel the effects. APFA will be filing a Presidential Grievance on increased workload and reduction of inflight crew rest.  

Company Announces 777-300 Staffing Increase to 13 FAs at 200 Y/C Pax
Along with the 767-300 reduction of staffing, the company also announced a Variable Manning (VM) addition for 777-300.  On flights with Main Cabin passenger load of over 200, a #13 will be added.  Today the company is staffing 777-300 to Asia with a #13, so this will provide much requested relief on flights to South America and Europe.
The APFA has been requesting an additional Flight Attendant on the 777-300 since its delivery and is pleased the company has listened to us and its Flight Attendants.  However, we do not view this as a trade-off situation and will vigorously defend the 767-300 staffing reduction.

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