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5.08.15 (LAA/LUS) Hard 40, 30/7, 35/7, ETB Update, Prefunding Arb, Purser Flex, Valet Bag, Out of Network

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May 8, 2015

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  • 40-Hour Scheduling Obligation, aka “Hard 40”
  • 30/7 and 35/7 and Reserves
  • ETB I.T. Update
  • Prefunding Arbitration Continuation
  • Purser Flex Test Discontinued
  • Valet Bag Update
  • Out-of-Network Health Insurance Changes
  • WINGS Awareness Days

40-Hour Scheduling Obligation – aka “Hard 40”
At the APFA Board of Directors Meeting in Dallas Ft. Worth this week, a resolution was unanimously approved that APFA shall approach the company to eliminate the 40-Hour Scheduling Obligation. If we are able to reach agreement with the company, it will be necessary to present this substantial change to the membership for ratification. Once we have more information, it will be shared via this Hotline.
30/7 and 35/7 and Reserves
Due to the absence of the 30/7 and 35/7 contractual protections in the JCBA that have yet to be implemented due to AA IT issues, APFA passed a resolution today that “the Board and the JNC would continue their vigorous efforts to push the company to an immediate elimination of the gap in protection for the Reserve Flight Attendants.”
I.T. Update
APFA LUS Base Presidents attended a meeting with the company this morning regarding the ongoing issues with ETB and the enhancements scheduled for May 19th. Reps were shown a mock up of the upcoming ETB enhancements and were able to provide input to the changes based on Flight Attendant feedback. We will continue to update the membership via this Hotline.
Prefunding Arbitration, Continued
The Prefunding arbitration took place last week and the APFA put forth its case in support of the return of the prefunding-match money the company has not returned to affected employees, including Flight Attendants. Because the arbitration did not conclude, the case is scheduled to continue on June 17-18 in Washington, D.C.
Purser Flex Test –
In preparation for the implementation of the JCBA Purser/Lead provisions that went into effect on May 2, the company gave APFA the required 30 days’ notice of its intent to eliminate the Purser Flex Test.
As a result, APFA and AA worked together to establish parameters for the transition of the LAA Purser program to the JCBA provisions in Section 14.L. 

Until the section is implemented:

  • Pursers will not need to accumulate a minimum number of paid Purser hours per year.
  • There will not be a bidding requirement for purser selections.
  • Pursers must attend annual refresher training to maintain the Purser qualification.
  • Future Purser openings will be proffered and awarded based on system seniority. According to the JCBA, a minimum of 80 Pursers will be trained annually. Additional Purser positions may be offered if there is a base-specific need or one specifically for Reserves.

Additionally, two flexibilities will remain from the Purser Flexibility Test:

  • The most senior Purser on a sequence who is not in the Purser position and has indicated a desire to be awarded the Purser position with a “V” by 0800 the day before the trip will continue to be moved prior to processing Make-up. (Exceptions to straight seniority may apply when a speaker is required in the Purser position.)
  • Crew Schedule will continue to be able to override the lights in TTOT to permit legal TTOTs for Purser sequences that do not negatively impact daily manning.

This means that the Purser Pick Up provision will no longer be an option for Purser sequences originating on May 16th or later. When the Purser Flex Test was created, the intent was to provide an additional benefit for Pursers who remained in the program and endured the inadequate pay, bid denials resulting from resignations from the program and limited ability to trade with open time.

Due to the greatly reduced number of sequences requiring the Purser qualification and the significantly increased pay, the need to permit Pursers access to open Purser sequences regardless of monthly maximum is no longer necessary. Allowing these trips to be awarded within the 100 hour Make-up Maximum should permit more Pursers the opportunity to pick up these trips and enjoy the benefits of the qualification.
Valet Bag Update
As previously announced, changes to Valet Bag procedures will take effect on May 11, 2015. APFA has been working with the Company to make the implementation easier. In these discussions with the Company, they have agreed, on a trial basis, to allow Flight Attendants occupying the cabin jump seat to valet tag their bags either in or out of uniform. APFA will continue to have conversations with the Company regarding the implementation of the Valet Bag tag changes.
Out-of-Network Health Insurance Changes 
As you know, the percentage of the allowed charge Flight Attendants pay for medical services depends upon whether the treatment is provided in network or out of network. For in network services, we pay 20%; for out-of-network services, we pay 40%.
The company has announced it plans to abandon the “usual and prevailing” standard to determine the allowed charge for out-of-network services. Instead they are going to change the “allowed charge” for these services. For most out-of-network services, which is the ‘allowed charge based on 140% of the Medicare rate,’ it will be substantially higher than the charge that applies to the current standard of “usual and prevailing.”
APFA views this as a JCBA contractual violation and has noticed the company. We are scheduling a meeting with the company and will keep the membership updated via this hotline.

WINGS Awareness Days – It’s All About Flight Attendants Helping Flight Attendants!
The WINGS Foundation is reaching out to LUS Flight Attendants with “WINGS Awareness Days.
May 12-13 – PHL
A East and B Crew Rooms
May 14-15 – PHX
Please stop by to learn about the WINGS Foundation and visit them at
The WINGS Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed and managed by American Airlines Flight Attendant Volunteers who offer assistance to Flight Attendants who are out of sick time and in financial distress due to illness, injury, or disability.  The Disaster Relief Fund provides assistance to those whose homes are affected by a natural disaster or catastrophic event.

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