5.15.15b – (LUS) July Transfer Awards, MRB, VEX, VLOAs

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May 15, 2015

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  • July 2015 Transfer Awards
  • July Vacation MRB
  • July Vacation Extension (VEX) Days
  • July VLOA’s


July 2015 Domicile Transfer Awards

July 2015 – Domicile Transfer Awards (Wings Log-in Required)

July 2015 Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB)
The July vacation rebid is now open. Vacation days vacated by a Flight Attendant because of separation, leave of absence, vacation periods which were not awarded, or became available as a result of any previous vacation rebid that year, will be posted for rebid, and shall be awarded in order of seniority among the Flight Attendants bidding such vacation days in the domicile. Only vacation days posted at the beginning of the vacation rebid will be awarded that month. Such known vacation days which apply to the remainder of the year, will be posted for rebid each month.

The July vacation rebid will close on Sunday, May 24th at 21:00 PHX local time. Results will be Posted on Monday, May 25th by 21:00 PHX local time.

The following Vacation days are open for the July 2015 MRB:

The Monthly Rebid is an automated process using the CatCrew system. Electronic forms will no longer be submitted via Wings.

The CatCrew screens are:

  • Option 45 – Monthly Rebid Update
  • Option 46 – Monthly Rebid Display

Enter your bids in the Update screens using the standard American date format MMDD. Review and print your protective bids from the Display screens. Always read the message at bottom of the screen after you enter data.

If you have any questions, please call Flight Attendant Vacations at (480) 693-1913 or (480) 693-1936, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

July Vacation Extension (VEX) Days
A Flight Attendant who is scheduled for at least seven (7) consecutive vacation days may elect to place up to a total of four (4) days off BEFORE or AFTER, or SPLIT on either side of such vacation. The days off will act as a pre-planned absence and will carry NO pay or credit. Such days off will be counted toward the Reserve’s scheduled Golden Days. Such block of four (4) days, or portion thereof, may be extended into the next bid period.
Submit Vacation Extension request no later than 23:59 PHX time on Sunday, May 31st.  Flight Attendant Vacation Extension Form

July VLOA’s
There will be no VLOAs offered for the July bid month for CLT, DCA, PHL or PHX.

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