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5.18.15b – (LUS) CatCrew Menu Option 18, Swaps, Reserve ETB and Portal Changes

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May 18, 2015

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  • CatCrew Menu Option #18
  • Trip Trades/Swaps
  • ETB Pick-Up for Reserves on MD/GD
  • Crew Portal Reserve Changes

On March 2, 2015, LUS Flight Attendants began working under a new Reserve processing system. The lack of transparency with this new system was of immediate concern. Your APFA Scheduling Committee and other APFA Representatives contacted the company immediately and began working with management and Crew Schedule to find ways to understand and simplify the problematic areas. In short, we heard your concerns loud and clear!

CatCrew Menu Option #18
Effective immediately, transparency changes to CatCrew Menu Option #18 have been implemented. This menu option now reflects the order in which you will be called, the Reserve Availability Period (RAP) you are currently in, and the number of days you are available – EX: 012-B-04D. This information can be found in the upper left corner of the screen.

Another immediate improvement is the ability to populate an additional screen to show:

  • each RAP;
  • the individual Flight Attendant in each RAP including their employee number and seniority;
  • the amount of daily assignment clicks and OPR assignments;
  • and, the projected monthly credited hours. Reserve Flight Attendants will be listed in reverse seniority order according to group and the amount of daily click assignments.


This additional screen can be found by tabbing to the PRJ/MTD field and typing over the word “LTO” with the letters “AVL.” This list will be a helpful tool for Reserves as it will reflect the order in which you will be called in respect to others in your grouping.

Also, menu option #18 now reflects whether a Flight Attendant is LOD/O or not with designator “L” next to the Flight Attendant’s name.

Trip Trades/Swaps
Starting immediately, Reserve Flight Attendants can trade/swap trips with other Reserves (RSV) and Line Holders (L/H). We pushed the company to approve different duration trades, however, to date, the company has not agreed. We will continue to pursue this option.

ETB Pick-Up for Reserves on Moveable Days (MD) / Golden Days (GD) – See chart below
The former contract language had parameters that restricted the start time (0945) and end time (1800) for picking up a trip on ETB due to being on call for 24-hours. Now that the 12-hour RAP is in place, it was clear that we needed improved language regarding ETB pick up.

The company has agreed to allow Flight Attendants to pick up trips from ETB that depart at 0000 or later following the release of the RAP period.

NOTE: If you are on a trip, until all actual times have been recorded in CATCREW, you are still obligated to follow the 0945 rule. Of course, domicile rest rules apply. This also applies if you are picking up ETB prior to being assigned a RAP/TRIP.

Example: You receive your monthly schedule of days off and you proceed to pick up ETB on your MD/GD when you have no activity scheduled such as a RAP/TRIP on your available days of duty. Once you have been released from a trip (actual times recorded) or a RAP prior to your days OFF you may pick up a trip that reports at 0000 or later.

These are significant changes that will help in picking up additional flying from ETB. Please note that ETB rest is FAR minimum + 30 minutes until actual times are recorded in CATS. Once that occurs, you may reduce your rest to FAR minimum, which is 8 hours of pure rest.

Once AA I.T. is finished programming the changes in the chart below, we will notify the membership via this Hotline.

Crew Portal Reserve Changes
Effective immediately, the Crew Portal for Reserves will reflect some changes. A red warning will alert you that:

  • You may be reducing your rest
  • You may be waiving your 35/7
  • You may be electing to fly into your MD/GD

These are standard warnings; the system does not check for actual legalities.

  • Under the “MY BIDS” section for Name/Description you will see a “FOR REFERENCE ONLY” stating that the name you give your bids is not used for processing purposes.
  • The ADD Criteria will be processed using the “AND, NOT, OR” logic. ALL Criteria must match to be awarded.
  • The amount of RON cities will be limited to three.
  • Exclude RON And Equipment options are being removed.
  • ALL “YES /NO” criteria is now being defaulted to “YES” instead of “NO”
  • The reports option will now allow Fight Attendants to view these reports whether you were part of the processing or not.
  • Reports now allow users to select any base and date.

APFA is keenly aware of the problems and the lack of consistency with LUS Reserves and will continue working with the company to resolve these issues. We urge you to forward all questions, concerns and issues to your Local Base Representatives.

Thank you for all you do!

Fly Safely,

John Pennel
APFA Scheduling Committee
Reserve Specialist

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