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5.28.15 – (LAA) Training Pay Reminder

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May 28, 2015

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Training Pay Reminder –

APFA has received several questions about training pay. The following is a recap of previous hotline messages outlining training pay.

On May 2, 2015, JCBA Training Pay provisions in Section 29.E. were implemented. Before this date, LAA Flight Attendants received training pay under our prior CBA for all training with the exception of Lineholders attending Recurrent Training.

The previous LAA contractual language provided pay and credit for trips missed, Reserve days or Available days that conflicted with training, or $9.50/hour if attending training on a day off (DO). The sole exception to this was Lineholders attending Recurrent Training. Our prior language did not provide for training pay when attending Recurrent Training on days off if the program was less than 12 hours. Since the program length has been less than 12 hours for several years, and Lineholders had to attend on DOs unless their schedule was initially built such that they were not legal for any training classes, Lineholders attended Recurrent training on days off without receiving any training pay. Under our prior language, Reserve Flight Attendants attended any required training, including Recurrent training, on a day they were otherwise scheduled to be on Reserve and the Reserve was paid and credited for that day.
The good news is that under the JCBA, even Lineholders attending Recurrent Training will receive training pay. Since the annual cycle for Recurrent Training begins in March, there was concern that we would still have Lineholders attending in the first two months of the 2015 program receiving no compensation, while Lineholders attending in the last 10 months would receive pay. Even though the full JCBA training pay provisions were not implemented until May 2, the company agreed with APFA to compensate Lineholders attending Recurrent training on their days off for the two months of the 2015-2016 program prior to the May 2 implementation. Until May 2nd, Reserves continued to be removed with pay and credit for Reserve days.
Beginning May 2nd, under the JCBA, Reserve Flight Attendants are now no longer paid and credited when attending training. Instead, Reserves receive the training pay provided in the JCBA and are removed from the Reserve day. The guarantee for Reserves will not be reduced as a result of the removal.

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