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6.02.15b – (LAA/LUS) TSA, Boarding for Commuters and DHD, Prefunding Arb, EC Meeting, Q&As

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June 2, 2015

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APFA was disturbed to learn about the failings of TSA screeners reported early Tuesday. Although the corrective action taken by DHS Secretary Johnson today to remove the acting head of the TSA is a start, it is clear that the agency requires systemic change.

APFA has been in contact with members of Congress regarding the vetting of U.S. Coast Guard Vice Adm. Peter Neffenger, President Obama’s nominee to lead the TSA. APFA is committed to fostering our cooperative relationship with the agency and its incoming administrator. By working together with the TSA and other industry stakeholders, Flight Attendants will be able to continue to improve aviation safety and security in the U.S.

For Commuting or Deadheading Uniformed Crewmembers

All uniformed crewmembers who are commuting or deadheading are allowed to board in Group 2/Zone 2 provided you have received a boarding pass with a seat assignment. If you do not receive your seat assignment until after Group 2/Zone 2 boards, you may board as soon as you have received your boarding pass.

Prefunding Arbitration Continues

The Prefunding Arbitration will continue on June 17-18 in Washington, D.C. To view the grievance APFA filed against the company in July 2014, click here. APFA will once again be live-Tweeting from the arbitration.

First Quarter APFA Executive Committee Meeting Reminder

June 19-20, 2015

The Capital Hilton
1001 16th St NW
Washington, D.C.

Mutual Transfers –

Please keep in mind that if you are awarded a mutual transfer, you may be required to get equipment and/or service quals to ensure there is a balance of qualifications as a result of the mutual transfer pairings. If you are not interested in being paired for a mutual pairing please remove your transfer request as you can no longer refuse a transfer or mutual transfer once it has been awarded.  The next mutual transfer pairings will made from the transfer requests on file as of 0830CT on Thursday, June 4.

FACT Rep Hotline Q&As –

Q: “Can we get denied the Jumpseat due to weight & balance?”

A: LUS Flight Attendants cannot be denied jumpseat on LUS metal for weight and balance until FOI. Redbook page 37-6 #7 states: “flight attendant will be awarded the jumpseat regardless of potential weight restrictions.”

Q: “Does bereavement bust your line guarantee?”

A: JCBA Section 27.L.1 for Bereavement will not be in effect until 1/1/16. Therefore current LAA policy applies which provides 3 days with pay and it should not bust your line guarantee.

Q: “Is the “company contribution” for 401K based on flight hours, flight hours plus per diem, and are OEs considered in this contribution?”
A: Company contribution is based on your flight hours and flight premiums (such as lead pay, language pay, etc.).

Q:  “What do we do during irregular operations and the hotel/limo desk is delayed in getting us a room?”

A:  The company is required to find us lodging in irregular operations. JCBA Section 6.B.4 states: “In the event that regularly assigned lodging is not available or if the crew is diverted to other than the scheduled layover, the Company shall provide other like lodging. If the Company is not able to secure like lodging, the Flight Attendant will be allowed reasonable, actual expenses for other like lodging, substantiated by a receipt.”

During weather-related Off Schedule Operations, responses from Crew Tracking or the hotel limo desk may be delayed. We now have an option to book our own room and expense it. You can choose to wait for the company to find you a hotel, or you can try to secure a room yourself. If you are unable to reach Crew Tracking or Scheduling you can call the FS Daily Ops for assistance at 888-222-4737. Any unreasonable situations should be documented in a Flight Attendant Report and an APFA Hotel/Transportation report.

Q: I flew an OE into my RSV month that was worth 16 hours. It shows 16 on my PPROJ. I realize those hours don’t go towards RSV, but does the pay go over my 75 hour guarantee?
A: No. The only hours that pay on top of guarantee in a Reserve month include Reserve Supplemental Flying (ODCG pg. 27). Supplemental lying allows a Reserve to relinquish up to 4 DFPs and pick up either OR (Optional Exchange for Reserve), CR (Critical Coverage), or L2 (Limited Option 2) trips. Hours for Reserve Supplemental Flying are displayed in the FLYDFP field on your HI1.

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