6.02.15c – (LUS) Clarifying Cleaning Duties

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June 2, 2015

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Aircraft Cleaning Duties Clarification

There have been a few requests to clarify a couple of cleaning issues.

The first issue deals with performing cleaning duties at the end of a Flight Attendant’s duty day. If both the aircraft and Flight Attendant crew are scheduled for a RON, then no cleaning duties are required. Should the aircraft be scheduled to continue on to another destination and the Flight Attendant crew is scheduled for a RON, then Flight Attendants are required to perform cabin cleaning duties until the end of her/his duty day. The end of a Flight Attendant’s domestic duty day is fifteen(15) minutes after the aircraft ” blocks in” at the gate. The language found on page 37-4 of the 2013 RedBook Agreement  is clear. ” A Flight Attendant will not be required to perform such cabin cleaning duties after the conclusion of her/his duty day. Any unfinished cleaning duties shall be the responsibility of the Company and the oncoming crew shall not be responsible for such cleaning.”  

Section 2 – Definitions

W. “On-Duty Time” shall include the hours of one (1) hour before scheduled departure of a flight and shall continue until fifteen (15) minutes after the arrival of such flight, or actual release time, whichever is later.

The deplaning process consumes much of the fifteen(15) minutes duty time and full flights leave very limited time to perform cleaning duties.  As a courtesy to the agents, passengers and oncoming crew, it would be helpful to notify the agent when you are not able to complete the cleaning duties.    

Please Note: Cleaning in Hub cities (CLT, DCA, PHL, PHX) has not been eliminated from the 2013 FA Agreement, however, until further notice FAs are not required to clean in Hub cities and aircraft cleaners will assume the cabin cleaning responsibilities in Hubs during normal operations.

2014 JCBA – Section 37.F. – Cabin Cleaning Duties

7. Until Flight Attendant operational integration, Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants and Legacy US Airway Flight Attendants will continue cabin cleaning duties as provided for in each group’s previous Agreement.

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