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6.04.15 – (LAA/LUS) – 30/7 and 35/7 Update; Location Delay Incentive & Voluntary Waiver Pay; Implementation Schedule on FA Tablet, DHDing/Commuting FAs


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June 4, 2015

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35/7 for Reserves
APFA is pleased to announce that, effective July 2nd, the company has agreed to implement an interim process for the Reserve 35/7 contractual provision. This interim process will remain in place until the computer systems – TARS (Time Accrued Reserve System) and FOS (Flight Operating System) are programmed to automate the legality. Details and procedures for the interim process will be available within the next few weeks.

As a reminder, 35/7 is based on block hours. Minimum Day Credit, Trip and Duty Rigs, Deadheading, ATC, Deicing (DEI), Ready for Departure (RFD), Ramp Congestion Delay (RCD), and Diversion (DIV) do not count towards 35/7, nor do trips picked up from other Flight Attendants (OR).
30/7 for Lineholders

30/7 is already being honored for bidsheet selections that consist entirely of Domestic sequences. An actual implementation date for the complete JCBA 30/7 provision will be communicated via this Hotline as soon as the programming is complete. 
Several members have inquired about the 30/7 provision previously in place under the CLA and why the company can’t just reinstate the provision until both the 30/7 and 35/7 programming is finalized. Unfortunately, the process is far more complicated. The multiple limitations, exceptions, options and restrictions associated with both of these protections require hundreds of hours of programming.
APFA recognizes the value of both of these provisions for all Reserves and Lineholders and will continue to treat 30/7 and 35/7 as a top priority until the programming is complete. As always, just as soon as there is more information, it will be communicated via this Hotline.
Q: When will the Location Delay Incentive (LE) and Voluntary Duty Waiver (VE) pay be reflected on my HI1 following the end of my trip sequence?
A:  Currently, Pay Comp processes LE pay every four days. If you are involved in an LE situation, the additional pay will be added to your PPROJ and reflected as “LE PAY” on your HI1, usually beneath the sequence on which you earned the LE pay.
If you do not see the LE pay within a week following the end of your trip, send a HISEND message (Form 14) to Pay Comp to check the status of your LE pay. Please include the sequence number and sequence origination date in your HISEND.
Please do not send a HISEND message immediately following your return to base. The large volume of HISEND messages is slowing down the Pay Comp analyst and delaying the processing of these two new contractual benefits.

VE pay is not added to your PPROJ but is reflected as “VE PAY” usually beneath the sequence on which you earned the VE pay on your HI2 since it is paid during closeout (the 9th of the next contractual month).
The Voluntary Duty Waiver (VE) code will be added to your HI3 by Crew Scheduling once the crew has volunteered to waive their maximum duty day. Please check your HI3 to make sure the VE code is added next to the duty day you volunteered to waive. If you do not see “VE” in your HI3, following the completion of your flight, contact Crew Tracking as soon as possible. The pay for VE will be added to your schedule during closeout of the month’s payroll. It is paid above guarantee and will be listed as its own line on the payroll statement and will be paid out in the next end-of-month paycheck.

Implementation Schedule on Tablet
The JCBA Implementation Schedule is now available on the Flight Attendant Tablet. The chart is located in the Document Library under APFA Contract and Guides.
LAA / LUS – Correction
Deadheading Flight Attendants
A deadheading Flight Attendant may pre-board the aircraft or board immediately if boarding has commenced. In the event overhead bins are full, a deadheading Flight Attendant in uniform shall have her/his bag(s) valet checked. The bags shall be off loaded before checked baggage and brought to the aircraft door upon arrival.
Boarding For Commuters
When occupying a jumpseat, a commuting Flight Attendant shall secure her/his luggage in an available overhead bin(s). If the luggage cannot be accommodated in the overhead bin(s), the Flight Attendant may valet check her/his crew luggage at the gate.
All uniformed crewmembers who are commuting are allowed to board in Group 2/Zone 2 provided you have received a boarding pass with a seat assignment. If you do not receive your seat assignment until after Group 2/Zone 2 boards, you may board as soon as you have received your boarding pass.
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