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6.09.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Safety and Security – Inadvertent Slide Deployment, Base Visits, Tri-Fold Restraints

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June 9, 2015

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Inadvertent Slide Deployment (ISD)

AA continues to experience an increase in ISD events. Through ISD investigations, it has been determined that some of these ISD events involved a Flight Attendant being asked to open an A/C door. As a reminder, LAA Flight Attendants working position #1 on the 737/S80 are responsible for CRACKING the disarmed forward entry door for the agent on arrival. However, Flight Attendants should never open an aircraft door (outside of the aforementioned situation) except in the event of an emergency.

The APFA Safety & Security Department has coordinated with APA Safety and company representations to ensure this communication is shared with all employee groups. If asked to open an aircraft door by another employee, simply remind them that it is not Flight Attendant procedure and contact the Captain for proper door opening procedures.

Irregular operations such as diversions, off-gate parking, hot cabin temperatures, etc., can interrupt the normal flow of operations and may lead to distractions and the possible risk of deviating from following procedure. If you experience an irregular operation event, STOP and take a moment to evaluate the entire situation before acting. Remember to always follow the proper door arming and disarming procedures as outlined in the Inflight manual by completing the required cross check, door report and monitor and challenge procedures. If you have any concerns about an event regarding specific procedures or irregular operations you may elect to submit a voluntary report to the Cabin ASAP program. You may also email

APFA National Health, IOD and Safety & Security Department (SSD) Base Visits

The National Health, IOD and SSD Department Chairs will be traveling to PHL, CLT and DCA this week for base visits. All three department Chairs along with local base representatives will be available in operations to answer questions regarding, health, benefits, IOD/OJI, safety, security and Cabin ASAP. If you are flying in or out of PHL, CLT and/or DCA please stop by operations to meet your APFA National Health Chair (Cathy Sharp), IOD Chair (Bellia Peckson) and SSD (Kelly Skyles) Chairs.

Wednesday June 10th

Flight Service Domestic Operations 1300 – 1600
Flight Service International Operations 1630 – 1930

Thursday June 11th

Flight Service Operations 1100 – 1500

Friday June 12th

Flight Service Operations 1000 – 1400

ASP Tri-Fold Restraints

If you encounter a problem applying the ASP Tri-Fold restraints, coordinate with the pilots immediately and be sure to include all details in the required follow-up company report. For more information on the Tri-Fold Restraints, click here.

A new training video for the ASP Tri-Fold restraints will be available for all Flight Attendants at CQ as well as via the Crew Security web site for Flight Attendants who have already attended 2015 annual CQ training.

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