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6.11.15 – (LUS) – Targeted Line Average Raised – July 2015

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June 11, 2015

LUS – Targeted Line Average Raised – July 2015

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A Line of Time is defined in the 2013 RedBook Agreement as a monthly unit of Flight Attendant flying containing a minimum of seventy (70) credit hours and a maximum of ninety (90) credit hours per bid period. The Company may flex the maximum line value by an annual amount of twenty (20) hours, but in no case more than five (5) hours during any given month.

The Company and the Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) are in agreement to raise the 70:00 hour floor of the Line of Time for the CLT and PHL Bases for the July 2015 bid month.

Raised Targeted Line Average for July 2015:

CLT: The 70:00 hour floor of the line construction window in CLT shall be raised to 72:30 hours (CLT line cap has been flexed to 92:30).  72:30 to 92:30 = 20-hour range

PHL: The 70:00 hour floor in PHL will be increased to 74:00 hours (PHL line cap has been flexed to 94:00).  74:00 to 94:00 = 20-hour range

Please Note: DCA and PHX Bases ranges remain 70:00 to 90:00, and are not affected by the above change.

In CLT and PHL, where the cap is being flexed, this change helps to evenly distribute line values. This is especially true if more Flight Attendants preference a lower credit range, rather than a higher credit range. In such case, slightly fewer hours will be allocated to those who prefer a lower credit range, but are not senior enough to hold low time. If more bidders should preference high time, then this change will likely have no effect on those who wish to fly low. Those who wish to fly low, will be permitted to do so. This has been the case in PHL, where there are generally more high time flyers.

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