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6.19.15 – (LAA/LUS) – LAA Online Bidding, LUS Code 59/RFD

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June 19, 2015

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Online Bidding Tool
For the upcoming bid run, if you use the online bidding tool from the FltSvc web-site, you will receive a confirmation number, even if you had problems uploading. Please verify that your bids have been uploaded into DECS by typing HIB/* in your personal mode.
Code 59 (Ready for Departure/Brake Release)

Code 59, also known as Ready for Departure (RFD) delay, is an ATC delay that prohibits pushback from a gate due to ramp, radio, airport congestion or deicing delays.
Should an ATC delay occur at the gate, the Captain will establish an RFD time at the point the aircraft and crew would have been ready for departure. The key to this is that the crew must have been ready for departure. If the aircraft is not in place or the Flight Attendants have not arrived from a connecting flight or the flight deck crew is not ready for departure, the Captain cannot establish an RFD time. However, if the aircraft and full flight crew is ready at scheduled departure time and ATC assigns a delay, the Captain may establish an RFD time based on the originally scheduled departure time.
In order to claim payment for any delay, everything must be ready for an immediate departure in all respects except for clearance from ramp or ground control.
If you are held at the gate for deice sequencing, your ramp delay begins at the time you would have been ready for pushback. This also applies even if company personnel request that you keep the passenger door open during the delay.
Actual “Out” Time (Code 59) situations include:

  • ATC delay at the gate;
  • Delay at the gate awaiting pushback, power back or taxi-out due to airport congestion or as a result of congestion on the ramp from deicing operations off the gate;
  • Aircraft deicing; and
  • Maintenance performed after departure from the gate but prior to takeoff without a return to the gate.


Code 59 / Brake Release Claim Form – To be completed by the captain
Until the ACARS units can be harmonized throughout the LAA and LUS fleets, LUS pilots should contact their respective Chief Pilot’s office to file a claim rather than sending an ACARS message as LAA pilots do. Pilots will need to provide the information requested on the claim form for proper filing of an RFD claim. Pilots have been reminded to include Flight Attendants names and CATCREW numbers at the bottom of the form.
If you are delayed due to a mechanical at the gate, it would not fall under Code 59. You would claim holding time if the delay exceeds 30 minutes from the point of the original scheduled departure.

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