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June 19, 2015

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LAX Long Layover
LUS crews with long LAX layovers should refer to the Temporary Relocation Section of the APFA Hotel page for updates on a new layover hotel information. This relocation is due to the recent fire at our current LUS long layover hotel.

Hotel Allocations
The July hotel allocations have been posted to the Hotel Page. These allocations are for cities with more than two hotels and show up on the bid sheet as “//see HIHTL//.” The July hotel information will not be uploaded to HIHTL until approximately 24 hours after bids have finalized system wide. Because of AA’s computer software, if the company were to upload the July information before bids finalized, the remainder of June would be kicked out of the system rendering the hotel information incorrect. 

Position 9 Hotel Accommodations
When the company removed Position #9, it affected hotel allocations for June. Company representatives have been working to re-secure the P9 rooms at our crew hotels. The greatest impact is experienced on the Europe layovers where it is high season in most markets. Please continue to check your HIHTL for hotel assignment. July will not have this problem.

Pink Hotel/Transportation Debrief forms
Please discontinue using the pink Hotel Debrief forms to report hotel/transportation issues. These forms are mailed to APFA Headquarters or left in an APFA dropbox, thereby delaying the process of resolving the issues. There is an electronic debrief form on the main Hotel Page of the APFA Website. As always, you can also email directly to hotel@apfa.org or call APFA Headquarters at 817.540.0108, Ext. 8306.

Temporary Hotel Relocations
Temporary relocations from current hotels occur for various reasons; fire alarm testing, construction noise, over sold situation at the hotel, etc. As soon as a relocation is known, the company representative sends notification to the APFA Hotel Department. This information is forwarded to the Base Representatives for reference and it is then posted on the Temporary Relocations section of the APFA Hotel page. Please check this page often, particularly prior to bidding. Once APFA receives the allocations from the company, they are immediately uploaded to the website without delay.

The Hotel Contract department continues to work through issues of delayed transportation for inbound crews. The JCBA language for Crew Accommodations took effect January 1 and since contracts with hotels and/or transportation companies were already in place under the old language we’ve had some challenges.  Please continue to send your reports in and make sure to include the date, inbound flight number and the amount of time you waited for transportation. 

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