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6.24.15 – (LUS) – JIRC Weekly Update – Introductions, Meet the JIRC’s, ETB, Target Credit Range

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June 24, 2015

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Welcome to the JIRC Weekly Update. With the release of the July Awards there have been plenty of questions and we saw an opportunity to start a weekly communication to let you know what is going on “behind the scenes” and let you know that your voices are being heard.



For those who may not know or are new, let us introduce ourselves and let you know who we are.
The Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) is a committee that was created by the current contract (the Redbook) to oversee the implementation of PBS. We are also the voice for Flight Attendants and APFA in all aspects of this project. Some of the other processes, such as ETB and Crewportal have become a part of that as well.


Meet the JIRC’s:

Laura Albert – PHL and DCA
Scott Barnes – PHX and the FARC (Flight Attendant Resource Center)
Emily Arner-Brown – CLT


This Week:

We have worked very closely with IT and our newly created “Beta Testers” Team to prepare for the launch of the newest enhancements to the ETB that were implemented on June 23rd. Unlike in previous enhancement releases, which did not always go as planned, the Company and the JIRC have worked to create a process for implementing changes to the ETB. This process involves extensive testing, daily phone calls about issues that may have been found, and protocols for each step of the process. All of these steps should result in less frustration among our Flight Attendants due to “fixes” that break more than they fix.
As we move forward and continually work to bring all of the new scheduling processes to a level that our work force finds acceptable, the protocols that we are establishing will help us accomplish the goals and expectations that are held by the Company and the JIRC. We will continue working towards creating a product that works as requested.


Tip of the Week:

Target Credit Range is a cumulative property.

Layer 1 = TCR- 40-50 Actual TCR Used = 40-50
Layer 2 = TCR 50-60 Actual TCR Used = 40-60
  This is actually 40-60 because it accumulates from previous layer.
Layer 3 = 50-60 Actual TCR Used = 40-60
Layer 4 = no TCR Actual TCR Used = 70-90
  This now allows PBS to go to the default 70-90 range.
Layer 5 = 60-70 Actual TCR Used = 70-90
  Because the default range was allowed in Layer 4, this will not restrict it back to a lower range. PBS will continue to process with the default.
Layer 6 = 80-90 Actual TCR Used = 70-90
  Again, this range has already been allowed since Layer 4.
Layer 7 = 85-95 Actual TCR Used = 70-95
  This now opens PBS to the High Range, though it would not award more than 95hrs.

NOTE-If you use a TCR of the same range through all your layers but you can not hold that time, PBS may be forced to go outside your layers to allow the default TCR which also opens trips from outside your layers that may potentially be awarded.


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