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7.01.15 – (LUS) – LUS I.T. Problems – What APFA is Doing

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July 1, 2015

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What APFA is Doing:

  • Converting local and base notices of disputes (NODs) to a Presidential Grievance;
  • Bringing in an outside scheduling expert to work on LUS-specific issues with the union and the company;
  • Pushing for important adjustments, such as a realistic line average;
  • Insisting on better and more frequent communication from management about progress.
Dear APFA Member,
The IT problems that support the proper functioning of ISAP and ETB continue to fail. These interruptions cause confusion, frustration, loss of confidence, and loss of money for the LUS Flight Attendants. For those reasons, I will be taking the local Base and Individual grievances and converting them into a Presidential Grievance. We have been extremely supportive and patient as the Company tried to correct the problems but their failure to do so cannot continue without providing compensation for the LUS Flight Attendants. Although everyone has been negatively impacted, it will be extremely helpful to APFA’s case if Flight Attendants forward any documentation to their Base Presidents that shows individual harm as a result of these ongoing issues.

The IT malfunctions, while not our fault, are clearly our problem. APFA has consistently urged the Company to send out communication that clearly explains the issues and exactly what it is doing to correct them. APFA is fully committed to continuing our work on all of the issues associated with ISAP, ETB along with the Company until they are fully resolved. Everyone – Flight Attendants on the line and union reps working on the problem – are all frustrated, tired and at our wits end. But we will not stop pushing until the programs are working as designed. Although we anticipated some minor hitches to the roll-out of such a significant change to our scheduling system, we have been completely blindsided by the extent of the IT failures. These changes were negotiated in the LUS Redbook and we confirmed early in the negotiations of the JCBA that we would stick to those changes. APFA had no reason to believe that there was not enough time to make the appropriate adjustments to the IT programming. And unfortunately we were not asked to participate in the programing.

We recognize that although the PBS system is fundamentally working as designed, the flexibilities that were intended to go hand in hand with the program are not being realized. Bidding cultures at each base vary and a number of necessary adjustments need to  be incorporated in order to create those flexibilities – not the least of which is a realistic line average. To that end we have asked the Company to bring in a scheduling consultant whom we have worked with in the past to make appropriate recommendations.

We wish there were a way to resolve all of the issues overnight but that is simply not the case. And although there have been improvements, we are completely frustrated that things are not happening more quickly. It is not for lack of trying, and we will continue to insist on all necessary fixes and adjustments.

The APFA Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) continues to work with the Company every day to improve all aspects of the program. We are extremely lucky to have these talented individuals on our team. The local Base Representatives have been invaluable in keeping records and identifying problems. They are all understandably angry and frustrated but continue the hard working at their bases representing their members and doing all that they can to improve the working lives of their members. Please join me in thanking them all for their selfless work. It would be easy to throw up our hands and wait for the Company to fix it. It is much more difficult to instead get those hands dirty and work the problems ourselves.

APFA will continue to communicate our activities via the Hotline and website. Thank you for your patience and professionalism through this very difficult time.

In Unity,

Laura Glading
APFA National President

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