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7.02.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Hot Aircraft, ASAP and Airbus 319 and 321S/T Ovens

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July 2, 2015

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Hot Aircraft Cabin –

AA has produced a Customer Planning Advisory regarding “Guidelines for Boarding Warm Aircraft.” The company policy includes the suspension of customer boarding if the cabin temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. APFA is very disappointed that our recommendation for a maximum cabin temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit for passenger boarding was not implemented in the company’s comprehensive plan. We strongly oppose the “above 90 degree” marker and will continue to push for a lower max cabin temperature for passenger boarding.

As always, we encourage Flight Attendants to make the best determination of their own health and safety when faced with a hot aircraft cabin. Flight Attendants should coordinate with the cockpit and gate agent(s) to ensure all measures have been deployed to cool the aircraft and should clearly express any safety concerns regarding passenger boarding under such extreme conditions.

All hot aircraft cabin temperature events, especially those involving a delay in the boarding process and/or departure should be reported to Flight Attendants may also consider voluntarily reporting concerns of extreme cabin temperatures (hot or cold) to the Cabin ASAP program. As a reminder, the Cabin ASAP program is for the self-reporting of an inadvertent FAR violation as well as general or specific cabin safety concerns.

On July 1st, the NBC affiliate in DFW reported on the issue of hot cabin temperatures and the fact that APFA is pushing the company to change the 90 degree threshold for boarding. To read the article, click here.

Cabin Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) –

In an effort to address questions and/or misconceptions regarding our Cabin ASAP program as well as what is appropriate to report to ASAP, here is guidance from the Cabin ASAP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) jointly signed by AA, APFA and the FAA:

  • The Cabin ASAP program was designed for Flight Attendants to report and American Airlines to identify and correct specific problems related to cabin safety. This program also addresses any disconnects in shared areas of responsibility such as with exit row briefing and carry-on baggage compliance as well as other cabin safety related policies and programs.
  • ASAP is a voluntary, cooperative and non-punitive reporting program.
  • In an effort to prevent accidents and incidents, there are two types of reports considered for participation under Cabin ASAP: (1) self-disclosure of a possible FAR violation, and (2) a general or specific cabin safety concern.
  • The objective of Cabin ASAP is to promote safety. The means by which this may be accomplished is by identifying cabin safety concerns and achieving corrective action.

For further information on Cabin ASAP, Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the Cabin ASAP MOU located on the APFA web site under the Safety & Security Department section or contact the Safety & Security department.

A319 and A321 Sell Ovens –

The A319, A321S and A321T aircraft are equipped with Sell convention ovens in the galley compartments. The catering representatives should always provide the required airflow oven containers. As a reminder, the ovens should never be operated without the airflow containers inside the oven. Details on how to properly operate the Sell ovens can be found in our in-flight manual (eManual) Food Prep and Presentation section page 1.41. Malfunctions of the ovens should be immediately reported to the Captain.

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