7.06.15 – (LAA/LUS) – PHX/CLT Training Center Letter, Implementation Schedule, Pay Comp Timeline Chart, FML Policy Change, Workers’ Comp Info, Maternity Pkt

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July 6, 2015

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APFA BOD Requests Answers Regarding PHX and CLT Training Facilities

In June, the company announced its intention to consolidate all of Flight Service training to Flagship University in Dallas/Ft. Worth. A great deal of feedback was received not only from LUS members, but from LAA members as well, many of whom were looking forward to having the CLT and PHX facilities as an option when scheduling training. 
Unfortunately, the company announced its decision, which will affect thousands of flight attendants, without asking for feedback from the APFA leadership. Today, the APFA Board of Directors sent a letter to Doug Parker expressing many of the concerns expressed by our workgroup and requesting an explanation for how the company intends to mitigate or resolve these concerns. 
JCBA Implementation Schedule
The JCBA Implementation Schedule has been updated. Click here to review the most recent version.
JCBA Pay Comp Timeline, Etc.
The APFA Contract Department has created a very helpful chart for LAA Flight Attendants who are wondering when and where their pay will appear on their HI1/HSS or FAPP and whether it is generated manually or automatically by the company. Click here to review the chart.
August 1, 2015 Family Leave (FML) Policy Change – health@apfa.org
Last week, the company announced changes to the FML policy to go into effect August 1, 2015. Below is a comparison of current policies vs future policy changes for LAA and LUS. If a provision is not mentioned, it has not changed.
If you have any questions, please contact the APFA National Health Department:
Current – You have 2 days to notify your supervisor or the FASC from the date you return to work and 15 days to supply the FML forms to AA Medical. You have an additional 15 days to provide any corrected documentation requested.
Current – You have 15 days to provide the FML paperwork from the date requested for the absence.
Update August 1, 2015 – The company will send a notification letter on the second day of your sick call that your absence may qualify for FML. If you chose to file the FML  you must provide the FML paperwork within 17 calendar days from the date of the letter. You will then have an additional 15 days to provide any corrected documentation requested.
The notification letter will be sent to the address on record at the time of the absence.  You can update your address by following these steps:
Go to Jetnet, select Resources, click on Update my Information, then click “Update your contact information”, select Edit, then click Submit. You may also call Employees Services at 1-800-447-2000 (select option 1 then 4; You will be prompted to leave a voicemail for a call back).
Go to MyHR from a company computer, select Update Legal Payroll Address, edit the information and click Submit. You may also call PHX Flight Service Administration at 1-800-327-0117 (Select option 2, then 5, then 4). 
Current – Auto designation was only done with IOD FML if AA Medical certified leave as FML-qualified.
Update August 1, 2015 – Auto designation will run concurrently with other applicable leaves (such as sick, medical or maternity) only if the company has received medical documentation to designate the leave and FML eligibility requirements are met. 
Status Quo
LUS – June 1, 2015
Ceridian will no longer process medical documentation; instead, this will be handled by the company’s Leave Management team. 
Status Quo – Flight Attendants will continue to contact the Flight Attendant Service Center at 1-800-847-2739 (Select option 6, then 2) or Employee Services at 1-800-477-2000.
Flight Attendants will continue to contact the Absence Management at 1-817-967-6700.  If you have additional questions you may continue to contact PHX Flight Services Administration at 1-800-327-0117(prompt 2, then 5, then 4).]
Extension request for designated or open block leaves is now handled by the company’s Leave Management Team.
FML Fax – 1-855-709-4903
Sick-Medical Leave of Absence Fax – 817-967-1382
Worker’s Comp – What if Your Benefits and/or Treatment are Denied?
If your Workers’ Comp claim is denied, Sedgwick is required to notify you of the reason(s) for the denial in writing. If you believe that the claim was wrongfully denied and wish to dispute the decision, you should contact the state workers’ compensation commission for information regarding the proper dispute procedures. You may choose to consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney or, in some states, you may be advised by the workers’ comp commission to do so. 
Here are some examples of problems that may also necessitate a Hearing:  

  • Authorization for medical treatment – The claims administrator refuses to pay for your approved medical treatment.
  • Authorization for surgery or tests – Your treating doctor requests authorization to perform surgery or tests, such as an MRI, and the insurance company refuses to authorize it.
  • Refusal to provide benefits – The treating physician says that you are entitled to benefits, such as vocational rehabilitation services, and the insurance company refuses to provide them.
  • Insufficient benefits – The insurance company pays temporary disability at a lower rate than your earnings justify.
  • Inadequate medical care – You believe the quality of medical treatment you are receiving is inadequate, and the insurance company refuses to send you to another doctor.

For the W.C. commission phone number, download the APFA IOD Packet and find the number in your state.
Maternity Packet – health@apfa.org

Please visit www.apfa.org/health for an updated version of the Maternity Packet. If you have any questions, please email health@apfa.org or lushealth@apfa.org

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