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7.30.15 – (LAA/LUS) – JSIC Update


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July 30, 2015
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JSIC Update

In JCBA Section 10.D., the Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) is contractually responsible for the implementation and development of the Preferential Bidding System (PBS), Trip Trade System (TTS), Electronic Trade Board (ETB) and the implementation of Scheduling (Section 10), Reserve (Section 12) and related Scheduling Sections of the JCBA. The committee consists of three union members, Mike Flores, Linda Haertling, Julie Hedrick and three company members, Thomas Wooten (Senior Manager FA Crew Scheduling), Russell Crisp (LAX Base Manager), John Petronzi (Manager Crew Resources).

The JSIC’s primary goal is to prioritize the implementation of JCBA provisions and to make sure they are implemented in a timely manner and interpreted correctly. There are approximately 542 IT programming changes necessary to implement the JCBA. Implementation of all of these provisions will require the JSIC’s involvement in various areas. The JSIC began working full time and meeting regularly with the company in May 2015. Below are some of the responsibilities of the JSIC until the JCBA is fully implemented.

  • Meeting with the management of crew systems and the IT department.
  • Working with the IT department to establish timelines for the programming changes.
  • Preparing Business Requirements for new provisions
  • Testing and implementation of these changes.
  • Developing training manuals for the new programs such as TTS and PBS when necessary.
  • Appointing the PBS trainers who will educate the membership.

Please note that LUS PBS/ISAP/ETB/Crew Portal issues will continue to be addressed by JIRC (Joint Implementation Resolution Committee). JSIC is working closely with JIRC to ensure that lessons learned from LUS will be applied to JCBA implementation.  

Currently the JSIC is actively involved in overseeing the programming of contractually implemented items that are being processed manually, such as 35 in 7 for Reserves. In addition, the implementation of Pay Protection remains a top priority. JSIC will provide an update approximately every two weeks to keep the membership informed of its progress.

The above is just a brief summary of some of the items that need to be addressed by this committee. Although it appears to be a daunting task, we are excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this.

Your JSIC team,

Hired by US Airways in 1982
Currently based in CLT
CLT AFA Local Executive Council President 2004-October 2005
Master Executive Council President October 2005 – March 2012
Member of the Joint Implementation Resolution Committee 2013-May 2015

Julie HedrickJSIC2@APFA.ORG
Hired at Air Cal 1980 – Reservations
Hired at Air Cal 1982 – Inflight
Currently based in LAX, previous base SFO for 26 years
SFO Vice President  2007 – 2015
APFA Negotiator – Current JCBA, 2013-2015

Linda HaertlingJSIC3@APFA.ORG
Hired by AA in 1993
Currently based in DFW
BCR since 2007 in DFW
Scheduling/ Contract rep since 2002

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