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8.05.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Reserve Three-Hour Co-Terminal Call Out/Q&As for Minimum Reserve Call Out Time

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August 5, 2015

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RESERVE – Three-Hour Co-Terminal Call Out

As previously announced, effective July 2nd, Minimum Reserve Call Out Time was implemented – JCBA Section 12.H.1.

Reserve Flight Attendants shall report to co-terminal bases within three (3) hours from the time s/he is notified of an assignment by Crew Schedule. This does not refer to sign-in time or departure time. It means the Flight Attendant must be at the airport in three (3) hours. The exact language in the JCBA is as follows:

1. A Reserve shall be required to report within two (2) hours from the time s/he is notified of a sequence by Crew Schedule. If a Reserve reports to the airport after check-in time for the sequence, s/he shall receive pay and credit for the sequence as if s/he had checked in for the sequence at the same time as the rest of the crew. As an exception, Reserve Flight Attendants at co-terminals shall be provided three (3) hours call out.
This will affect the LAA Make Up (MU) timeline. Currently, MU must be offered up to three (3) hours prior to departure and after that time, Short Call MU may be offered prior to assigning a Reserve who then has two hours to report. Recognizing that Short Call is important to the Flight Attendants who utilize it and to Crew Schedule for coverage, we have agreed that when Section 12.H.1 is implemented, MU would be processed up to four (4) hours prior to departure at co-terminal bases, instead of three (3) hours. Short Call would then be offered at all co-terminal bases prior to assigning to a Reserve, who will have three (3) hours to report.
All other LAA base cities would have a two (2) hour call out, and Short Call MU would remain the same as it is today.
Current LAA Co -Terminal Bases are:

  • LGA / JFK / EWR
  • MIA / FLL / PBI
  • LAX / SNA / ONT
  • DCA / IAD / BWI
  • SFO / SJC

Q&As for Minimum Reserve Call Out Time – Section 12.H.1

Q: If I am based in a city with co-terminals, when does the two-hour call out apply?

A: Never.  All co-terminal airports will have the three (3)-hour call out.  For example: If you are based in MIA and are called out to either FLL or MIA, the call out will be three (3) hours.  The two (2)-hour call out will only apply when based at a non-co-terminal station.

Q: Is it two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal) to departure or sign-in time?

A: Neither. Once Crew Schedule has established contact with the Flight Attendant, you will have two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal) to report to the airport.  

Q: What if Crew Schedule calls me with less than two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal)?

A: Remember the report is no longer based on sign-in or departure. Once contact is established you have two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal) to report to the Airport.  If the scheduler assigns you to a trip that has a departure time of less than 2 hours (3 hours co-terminal), you would then state: “I will try my best.”          

If you do not make the flight, Crew Schedule may assign you to airport standby, give you another trip or keep you on Ready Reserve.  Your guarantee stays intact. You will not receive a Late Report or Missed Trip in this scenario.

Q: What if I don’t make sign-in time?

A: Your obligation is to make it to the airport within two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal). If you miss sign-in time, you will not receive a Late Report and your pay and credit will be as if you had signed in with the rest of the crew.

Q: What if I had more than two (2) hours (three (3) hours co-terminal) and did not make the flight?

A: Crew Schedule would give you a Missed Trip. However, if you remain available for another assignment that day, your guarantee will remain intact. You should contact your Flight Service Manager for a possible attendance resolution.

Q: Can I still input a preference for short call?

A:  Yes, the option is still available. A Flight Attendant may indicate a preference to be called out of order for a trip with less than two (2) hours to departure. In making such an assignment, Crew Schedule will consider the Flight Attendant’s preference for a co-terminal, if any.

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