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8.07.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Equity Distribution, APFA Retirement Briefings and A Special Message from APFA Communications

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August 7, 2015

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As was described in the July 16th Hotline, a fourth distribution of shares from the Disputed Claims Reserve was deposited in the APFA Trust Account. On Thursday, August 13 or Friday, August 14, 2015, 60,728 shares  from the Trust Account will be distributed to eligible participants with ninety percent of the participants allocated at least one share. As a result of the rounding of shares, 3,161 shares will remain in the Trust Account.

On-Duty Contract Guide On Its Way to LAA Bases!

The first ODCGs will arrive at bases systemwide between August 12th and August 14th. Stop by the MOD Desk to pick up your copy next week!

APFA Retirement Briefings On The Road

LAA Flight Attendants with a pension can access a copy of your pension estimate that you can download, from Jetnet – Pension Service Center, or call 800-447-2000. 

LUS Flight Attendants with a PBGC pension can access a copy of your pension estimate that you can download from or call 800-400-7242.

All Flight Attendants can download their latest 401(k) Statement from , the Fidelity website.

This retirement briefing by APFA Retirement Specialist Patrick Hancock and DFW Flight Attendant Ron Harris will cover many of the topics that will help Flight Attendants make the most of your retirement planning.

PHX – August 27th – 1100-1400   
          August 28th – 1100-1400

JFK  – September 1st – 1100-1400

EWR – September 2nd – 1100-1400

LGA – September 3rd – 1100-1400

CLT – September 9th – 1100-1400

MIA – September 15th – 1100-1400

DCA – September 16th – 1100-1400

For questions contact

A special message from Leslie Mayo, National Communications Chair 

To my friends and coworkers,

It is with excitement and a healthy dose of sadness that I announce I’ll be leaving union work to take a job with AA corporate communications. While I am truly excited about this new challenge, I am also sad to be leaving the union I love and to which I have dedicated much of the last 16 of my 29 years at American.

Whether my office was in the air or at union headquarters, they have both been my home away from home. And, above all, my fellow union reps, HQ staff and flight attendants have been like family. Flying has provided some of the best memories of my life: from New York all-nighters, to 4-day Paris layovers, to an unforgettable military charter flight to Rome during Desert Storm, and of course the DC-10/ lower-lobe galley. I don’t need to tell you that this job is an incomparable experience and an incredible way of life. For me, it has been an absolute blast. 

It was my love for the job that drove me to union work. I wanted to help my coworkers who felt like they didn’t have a voice as well as keep the job great for those who would come after me. As I meet and fly with new hires and see their enthusiasm, I know that I and everyone I’ve had the privilege to work with at APFA have been successful. 

There have been some turbulent times, and there will be more ahead, but APFA is strong. I hope that APFA is able to remain autonomous. If everyone pulls together, APFA will continue to prevail and provide the resources and representation that Flight Attendants deserve long after we are gone. 

I view the work ahead of me as an extension of the work I have done with APFA. When the merger closed, we had tremendous momentum and goodwill. With the majority of management’s focus geared toward completing the integration, the changes over the past year or so have been incredibly challenging for flight crews. This management team’s decision to bring in a longtime union rep says a lot about its priorities. This is the only management team American has had with whom I would even consider working. 

My interim replacement is as dedicated a union rep as I have met. Brian Clark is the former LUS Communications Chair and the current PHX Vice President. He has the credentials, the experience and the ability the Communications Department needs. With any luck, he will agree to take on the job’s responsibilities full-time.

In conclusion, I want to thank each of you for helping bring out the best in me. Whatever your methods, you drove me to strive further. For that, I will be forever grateful. We didn’t always agree, but we always had a common purpose: improving the lives of our coworkers. That is all that matters and the only thing that ever will. 

In Unity,
Leslie Mayo

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