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8.12.15 – (LUS) – PHL Base Meeting, PBS Bidding Opens, Training Bidding System, Pairing Properties While Searching

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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JIRC Weekly Update

  • PHL Base Meeting
  • PBS Bidding Opens

The Past Week

The JIRC attended the PHL APFA base meeting on Wednesday, August 5th. Similar to CLT, there was a small turnout but those who did attend had some very good questions.

Training Bidding System

TBS (Training Bidding System) closed on August 8th and awards went out without any issues. Awards for TBS can be seen in Catcrew (Screen 19) for awarded class time.
This was addressed a few weeks ago, but it has happened again this month. There were quite a few people who were awarded CQ Training a month early because they accidentally had the “Allow Early Award” option selected in TBS.
Before next month’s open TBS bidding, Sept. 2-8th, double-check your Standing Bid preferences in TBS if you have CQ (Recurrent) Training in NOVEMBER!!!
If you do not wish for your CQ Training to be awarded early, log into the Crewportal, select the Bids/trade/claims tab, select Training Bidding. Once in TBS, selec
t the Standing Bid tab. If the Allow Early Award box is checked as shown below, uncheck it. 

Macintosh HD:Users:emilyarner-brown:Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2015-07-21 18.14.39.png
PBS Bidding opened on Monday, August 10th with no issues.   


PBS Bidding

Bidding for September schedules will close Aug. 16th at 0900 (PHX)/1200 (EDT). Trainers are available in the Crewrooms daily and below are the hours that the FARC is available:
FARC – (480)693-8232 or (800)327-0117 option 2, 8.
Hours: Monday – Friday 0500 – 1900 PHX/0800 – 2200 EDT
Also: Saturday 8/15 and Sunday 8/16 0500 – 1900 PHX/0800 – 2200 EDT


Facebook Page: Tips from the JIRC

The new Facebook page moderated by the JIRC has over 1,700 members. If you have not yet received an invitation to the page and would like to, please send an email with a subject of “Add to Facebook” to


Tip of the Week: Using Pairing Properties to Search

31 Pairing Properties can seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to start forming a bidding strategy for each month.
Before you start bidding, doing a few Searches is a great way to get an overview of the types of trips in your base for the month.


As you do more searches, you will start to get a better understanding of what the trips in your base look like for the month.
At this point, you can start getting a little more specific to the types of trips you want to see because you know have a basic idea of how many 1, 2, 3, and 4-day trips there are in the base.

Once you have a bigger picture of how the trips were built for the month in your base, it gets a little easier to create your bidding strategy.


Important September Information

Labor Day is September 7th and is a recognized Company Holiday.
For Reserves, September 1st is a Saturday so keep in mind that there may be legality reasons for Reserves who are on call the last days of August that force them to be Off the first weekend. Even Senior Reserves should be careful with requesting the first weekend as “Must Offs” in all layers because forced legalities may not allow that weekend to be awarded.
For Lineholders, requesting the weekend off in all layers is not recommended in case your seniority cannot hold it off. Bidding the holiday weekend off should be done in the first few layers and relaxed in lower layers. If your seniority is going to be forced coverage over the holiday, relaxing your lower layers can allow PBS to award a more desirable trip versus awarding a leftover trip that you do not want. 

In Solidarity,

Laura Albert – PHL and DCA
Scott Barnes – PHX and the FARC (Flight Attendant Resource Center)
Emily Arner-Brown – CLT

About the JIRC:
The Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) is a committee that was created by the current contract (the Redbook) to oversee the implementation of PBS.

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