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8.18.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Telephone Conference Today/Reserve Sick Charging/Jumpseat Travel/Transfer Preference Purge/Vacation Buyback

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – LAA/LUS

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  • Telephone Town Hall Conference Today
  • Reserve Sick Charging
  • Jumpseat Travel on Opposite Metal 
  • Transfer Preference Purge
  • 2016-2017 Annual LUS Vacation Buyback 

Telephone Town Hall Conference Today – LAA/LUS

APFA National President Laura Glading and members of the Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) and Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) will be hosting a Telephone Town Hall Conference today at 3pm Eastern (2pm Central/Noon Pacific). The telephone conference will consist of a short presentation followed by a Questions and Answers session, focusing on Contract implementation of the 2014 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA).

All members are welcome to join the call by dialing toll-free (855) 312-2107.

Reserve Sick Charging – LUS
Earlier this Summer, new Reserve sick charging procedures were implemented. At that time, the automation was not in place to charge the new associated daily sick rates of 3 hours, 56 minutes (for a 30 day month) and 3 hours, 45 minutes (for a 31 day month).

This final item associated with Reserve sick charging will be implemented on August 31 and the daily rates will be charged accordingly:

2013 RedBook Agreement 9.D.2.a. – A Reserve will only be automatically charged for day(s) on which she/he was or would have been utilized and her/his sick bank will be reduced accordingly for each day she/he is unable to report for duty because of illness or injury. A Reserve will be charged three hours and fifty-six minutes (3:56) (30 day month) or three hours and forty-five minutes (3:45) (31 day month) per day or trips missed, whichever is greater, for trips she/he has been awarded and/or assigned and subsequently reports sick. If the sick call is prior to an assignment, at the Reserve’s option, she/he may claim any trip(s) missed she/he could have held, otherwise she/he will be charged three hours and fifty-six minutes (3:56) (30 day month) or three hours and forty-five minutes (3:45) (31 day month) for the day if she/he would have been utilized.

Jumpseat Travel on Opposite Metal – LAA/LUS

As a reminder, the interim process for jumpseat travel on the opposite metal remains the same until Passenger Service Systems (PSS) integration in mid-October. The current procedures for LAA Flight Attendants traveling on LUS metal and LUS Flight Attendants traveling on LAA metal can be found HERE. The agents have been sent a reminder of these procedures.  If you encounter any difficulty in using the interim reciprocal jumpseat process, please send an email with details including the flight number, date, city pair and problem experienced to
Transfer Preference Purge – LAA

On August 5, transfer preferences were purged from DECS. You must re-enter a transfer preference if you want to be eligible for an upcoming vacancy or mutual transfer. You can check your current transfer preference by entering 3* in DECS. Please keep in mind it is not possible to rescind a vacancy transfer or mutual transfer once it has been awarded. Therefore, please delete a transfer request if you are no longer interested in being awarded a transfer.

2016-2017 Annual Vacation Buyback – LUS

LUS Flight Attendants have the opportunity to bid Vacation Buyback in the annual Vacation Award schedule. Flight Attendants can elect to be paid out for vacation days in February.

The Vacation Buyback Bidding Form is now available until Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 21:00 Eastern Time at Wings > Workgroups > Flight Service > Departments > Vacations.

Vacation Buyback will be awarded by domicile in seniority order prior to the establishment of the vacation matrix, and any reduction in the vacation matrix due to vacation buyback will be distributed equally throughout the year. Rules governing Vacation Buyback are in accordance with the provisions of the JCBA Section 8.F-Vacation Buyback. 

Vacation Buyback Questions and Answers

Q – How do I tell how many vacation days I have to bid in 2016-2017?
A – Flight Attendants can find their 2016/2017 vacation accruals on your CATS screen, Option 15.

Q – How will Vacation Buyback be awarded?
A – Vacation Buyback will be awarded by domicile in seniority order.

Q – How many days can I have paid out?
A – You may bid for any number of days up to your number of accrued days for the year.

Q – How much credit do I get for Vacation Buyback?
A – If you are awarded 1 to 6 days, you are paid for 3.30 credits per day. If you are awarded 7 to 35 days, you are paid
for 4.00 credits per day.

Q – Will I get paid for International and Premium pay?
A – No.

Q – When is the date I will be paid?
A – February 26, 2016.

Q – Will I be able to participate in the Monthly Rebid later in the year?
A – Yes, if you still have days available.

Q – Can I buyback my scheduled vacation later in the year?
A – Only if the Company offers buyback at a later date.   



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