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8.27.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Crew Portal Outage This Evening/MD80 Drop Proffer/Injury on Duty/State of the Union Address/Jetnet Mobile

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

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  • Crew Portal Outage This Evening
  • MD80 Drop Proffer Update
  • Injury on Duty Notice to Employer
  • Injury on Duty Packet
  • APFA State of the Union Address – August 2015
  • Jetnet Mobile Web News

Crew Portal Outage This Evening – LUS

Crew Portal/ETB will be updated tonight, Thursday, August 27th from 2100 until 0100 EDT. There will be a brief outage during this window starting around 2200 EDT/1900 PDT and lasting approximately 30-60 minutes.

There are several bug fixes and enhancements to the ETB application including the following:

  • ETB transactions that have flights that occur during any part of the PBS freeze will be blocked per the contract rules
  • Inoperative, ”Create a Trade” link has been fixed
  • CSD FA can no longer trade a CSD pairing with a non-CSD FA 
  • Allow for position trades
  • Vacation trades for 2016 will not be allowed
  • Private Trade Request section shows requests for the current and next month by default
  • Added error messages for FA attempting to trade trips across different bases

MD-80 Drop Proffer Update – LAA

Part of the original criteria for the MD80 drop proffer would have led to seniority violations. Following discussions with the Company, they have agreed to remove the requirement which would have prevented those who have flown the MD80 since September 2013 from holding the proffer. By removing that requirement, the Company has revised the percentage of Flight Attendants that can hold the proffer at each base. Due to the amount of MD80 aircraft that still exists in the system, the Company does not want to prematurely remove qualifications. Removing too many Flight Attendants’ qualification could create a problem where someone is not qualified for an equipment substitution or similar situation which involves MD80 flying, particularly when there is no contractual requirement to offer equipment drop proffers in the first place. While the proffer is not perfect, it is the first step of getting some of our members to be able to drop the qualification while ensuring seniority is respected. There will two more drop proffers in 2016 which will include more Flight Attendants for eligibility. For more details on the revised drop proffer, please see the notice in your email.

Injury on Duty Notice to Employer – LAA/LUS

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Injury on Duty (IOD) Department is:

“How soon do I have to report an injury to the company?”

The report time to the employer varies from state to state. Contact your inflight service desk (FSM) to notify them that you were injured at work and request medical treatment if necessary.


California, Florida, New York,
North Carolina, Virginia
: within 30 days
Illinois: within 45 days
Massachusetts: as soon as possible
Missouri: 30 days

IOD LAA Packet

For more information, 
contact the IOD Department:


Arizona: as soon as the injury occurs.
North Carolina: within 30 days.
Pennsylvania: 21 days.
Virginia: within 30 days.

IOD LUS Packet

For more information, 
contact the LUS Health & IOD Desk:


APFA State of the Union Address – August 2015 – LAA/LUS

APFA National President, Laura Glading delivers State of the Union address. Click Here for the transcript.

{module APFA State of the Union Video – 8.12.15}

Jetnet Mobile Web News – LAA/LUS

As we mentioned in an earlier communication, the Company has launched a new way to access Jetnet News for employees this week, via a web app created for smart phones. Visit via your phone’s browser and save the link to your home screen. (Please note: If you are accessing this Hotline via Facebook, you won’t be able to save the link to your home screen from within the FB app.) To clarify, the mobile app will not yet be pushed to Flight Attendants’ tablets since the FA tablet’s browser is currently disabled. The Company informed us that it is working to provide access to the browser. An additional update will be sent out as soon as we receive more information.

Brian Clark
APFA National Communications Interim Chair


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