9.15.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Telephone Town Hall Tomorrow/WBT Pay Discrepancy/WBT Deadline Approaching/Highlighted JCBA Now Available

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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  • Telephone Town Hall Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16th – LAA/LUS
  • Web Based Training (WBT) Pay Discrepancy – LUS
  • WBT Deadline Approaching – LAA/LUS
  • Highlighted JCBA Now Available – LAA


Telephone Town Hall Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16th – LAA/LUS

APFA National President Laura Glading and members of the Joint Implementation Resolution Committee (JIRC) and Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC) will be hosting a Telephone Town Hall Conference tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16th at 5pm Eastern (4pm Central/2pm Pacific). The telephone conference will consist of a short presentation followed by a Questions and Answers session, focusing on Contract implementation of the 2014 Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA).

All members are welcome to join the call by dialing toll-free (855) 312-2107. View the Q & A’s from the August 18th town hall by clicking here.

Web Based Training (WBT) Pay Discrepancy – LUS

The Value of Respect (VOR) & Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI) WBT pays $25.00 per WBT event.  Unfortunately, LUS Flight Attendants who completed this training during the months of July and August were not paid as a result of a payroll error related to delayed data transmission. These training events will be paid to the affected Flight Attendants on their September 30th paycheck, in accordance with the JCBA*. The Company will be sending a communication to each affected Flight Attendant. 

Also, please be advised that special WBT programs (except for CQ (CQT or Recurrent) will not appear on the CATCREW pay screen. All other training will be reflected on the pay summary screen as it has in the past. These special WBT lessons are not passed to Payroll through CATCREW, but via the Learning Management tool.

1. When there is a shortage equivalent to two (2) hours of pay or less in a Flight Attendant’s paycheck, such amount shall be added to her/his next check once the matter is resolved. 
WBT Deadline Approaching – LAA/LUS

As a reminder, two separate required Web-Based Training (WBT) modules must be completed by Wednesday, September 30, 2015. You will receive $25 training pay for each completed module. To access the lessons:

LAA Flight Attendants:  In the Online Learning Center, on Jetnet, click “Launch” next to the course title in “My In-Progress Learning.” Verify completion of the lesson by going to “My Learning / My Transcripts.”
LUS Flight Attendants: Click Here 

Highlighted JCBA Now Available – LAA

A highlighted version of the 2014 JCBA is now available for Legacy American Flight Attendants at APFA.org by clicking here.

We have highlighted the sections that have already been implemented. This should make it easier for you to distinguish between the progress we’ve already made vs. what’s to come.  If an area is not highlighted, you should refer to the 2001 Contract (CBA) as modified in 2003 via the Restructuring Participation Agreement (RPA) and the 2012 Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA). 

Brian Clark
APFA National Communications Interim Chair


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