9.21.15 – (LAA/LUS) – Open Skies/Trip Trade Etiquette 101/Benefit Roadshow Schedule

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Monday, September 21, 2015

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  • Open Skies – LAA/LUS
  • Trip Trade Etiquette 101 – LAA
  • Benefit Roadshow Schedule – LAA


Open Skies

APFA’s effort to address the violations of Open Skies agreements being committed by the nations of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates continue. The subsidies these nations provide their carriers directly affect our jobs. Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar Airways continue to flood American markets with subsidized capacity, siphoning market share from American and its competitors. 

After months of phone calls, Congressional letters and meetings, including an APFA fly-in for a Congressional lobby day, we remain hopeful that the White House will open consultations to review the Open Skies agreements with the UAE and Qatar.

Additionally, APFA remains committed to exposing the unfair labor practices of the Gulf carriers. After months of pushing, the United Nations International Labor Organization condemned many of the employment practices of these carriers. Last month, Qatar announced they were changing their policy of terminating cabin crew in the event of pregnancy or violating company policy by getting married.

If you have not already done so, we urge you to sign the petition:

Julie Frederick 
Government Affairs Chair

Trip Trade Etiquette 101

There has recently been an increase in feedback from Flight Attendants who have had their schedules negatively impacted by unauthorized trip trades with other Flight Attendants. Incidents range from the unwanted “parking” of trips on schedules all the way to the outright “stealing” of trips. Trip trading is a flexibility that comes with responsibility. Abusing this flexibility isn’t just unethical, but may also have a serious impact on the work lives of your co-workers.

How can you protect yourself from unauthorized trip trades?

  • Don’t share your password(s) with anyone. 
    • A licensed trip trade service doesn’t need your password in order to help you. 
    • Licensed trip trade services are issued an administrative log-in from the Company which allows them to view flight attendant schedules and conduct legitimate trade transactions on their behalf.
    • Sharing your password violates the Company’s IT policy and will leave you open to identity theft and other unwanted consequences.
  • Don’t leave yourself in trip trade mode indefinitely. 
    • While many flight attendants leave themselves in trip trade mode to facilitate dropping trips from HIBOARD, it leaves you open to having your schedule manipulated by a third party.
    • If you have a trip posted on HIBOARD, be specific in your request regarding trading or dropping and have Flight Attendants interested in trading with you/taking your trip make positive contact with you. This way you can minimize the amount of time your schedule is open to being manipulated.

What should you do if you suspect unauthorized activity impacting your schedule?

Report it to APFA Professional Standards who can follow-up with other Flight Attendants involved as necessary.

Benefit Roadshow Schedule

To help you prepare for Annual Enrollment, Benefit Roadshows will take place at our hubs and major locations around the system. These roadshows allow you the opportunity to get more information about our benefit programs, visit with benefit administrators and participate in raffles and giveaways.

Free flu shots are being offered to all mainline employees during the roadshows. Create an account and use Invitation Code AA2015 to reserve your spot. If you don’t schedule an appointment, walk-ins will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Schedule your free flu shot today by clicking here.

Brian Clark
APFA National Communications Interim Chair

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